Frostgrave: The Story of Agnes, Part 1

Damn him! If only he’d join his animated corpses in the realm of the dead. Krell’s unnatural ways must end before he gains the secrets of this frozen city. Yes Megan, I know, he can summon the dead to fight for him but that doesn’t make him more powerful than us. Trust aunty Agnes, the natural order will rebel against that vile necromancer, just look at what happened last time we fought him. The wind itself guided our arrows straight and true towards him and his minions. Even the cursed dead of the mausoleum we searched felled two of his despicable thugs. He can’t control the undead unless he binds them with the aid of his sickening apprentice. Strange among the strange that apprentice is. Even across the ruins I can see something in his eyes other than the pursuit of power. He looks at those risen from the grave with a twisted sparkle in his eye. And I was so sure that using the spirits to empower Arthur’s bow would kill him. I watched him bleed out on the cold ground convinced that he had taken his last breath. Only foul magic, a nefarious pact with some greater being, could have brought him back from the mists of death. A thousand curses on them!

Next time we will have him. See, this book has the secrets to creating a construct. An animated being that can do our bidding and crush that scum, Foulborn. Purer than the manipulation of those we once called family and friends that he relies on. We can let them sleep forever and still summon something that will fight against him. What would you like Megan; a thorned corn-dolly to scratch at his legs? A scarecrow to terrify his servants? Perhaps a tree, brought to life to crush his undead slaves? All can be done with the power of nature on our sides. You have seen how the ground itself moves the treasures we seek towards us. Even our humble hounds have been inspired to fight harder, instinctively knowing that they are on the side of natural truth. Never fear Megan, aunty Agnes knows the truth. Krell Foulborn and his apprentice Manfred will never find the secrets of Frostgrave. We will stop him, put him in the ground with those he seeks to wake, never to walk the frozen ground again. Now, take that soup off the fire Megan, I need something to warm these old bones.

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