This article was born, from a conversation with a friend. I’d recently read some hints on how to role-play which were blindingly obvious. So here is an idea for role-players. You may well know all this anyway, this is aimed more at people who been doing it for a while, but perhaps not decades. And … More Vulnerability


Ok, disclaimers first, nothing to do with guild ball, move along.   One of the best things about role-playing, is its adaptability. I know I’ve droned on about this before. But in the same way as a small gaming company thinks ‘I’d love to play a minatures game based on Roman gladiatorial combat, where’s my … More GAME VON THRONES

Human Nature

It’s funny, role-playing. You can spend ages planning a session, sorting your game out, and you really don’t know what’s going to happen. You know what you want to happen, but… My current game is Cyberpunk, doing a homicide detective team in Detroit. So, like most near future games I’ve seen, the future isn’t bright. … More Human Nature

Cyberpunk Cops

I like Cyberpunk as a system. It’s nothing special really, standard new future stuff (Middle East glassed, corporations more powerful than most governments, poor people are buggered, and most food is artificial). If you’re inspired to role-play by films like Blade Runner, or books like anything by William Gibson, this is the system for you. … More Cyberpunk Cops

Ho Ho Ho (DCPD 3)

   I hate this time of year. Sure, when the kids were little, and my wife still loved me, we had a ball. Now, well, it’s overtime…    It wouldn’t be December without a serial killer in the area, and we got a real sicko.  Media’s calling him ‘Scoop’. He has some cattle prod thing, … More Ho Ho Ho (DCPD 3)


(Author’s note – in the Earthdawn world, there are no gods, only Passions. These are very powerful beings, associated with certain things, i.e. much the same as gods. They can materialise, and are served by Questors, who are mortals dedicated to their Passion and his aims/interests) Ow. Owowowow. Slowly coming to, thumping headache. It’s dark, … More THE PASSION