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” He’s Straw, he’s Parker and together they are The Battlehammer!”

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Straw (left) and Parker (right) Sporting Battlehammer Orange in the BattleCave

News, reviews, gaming discussions and full on battle reports for tabletop games.

Even some useful hobby tips! Look out for guest appearances from Frankie The Dog!

Decked out in distinctive orange The Battlehammer are attracting fans on a daily bases with cries of “Ahoy Ahoy!” being heard at big gaming conventions and tournaments.

What People Say About The Battlehammer

“Crazy guys playing and enjoying games the way they should be…with added beer! It’s practically impossible to not be infected with their brand of humor and spend your time watching their show with tears of joy running down your cheeks.”

Matt Hart – Steamforged

“The boys at Battlehammer bring something a little special to the table. So much more than just game reviewers, the team of oddball characters welcome you into their peculiar circle and deliver videos that are often as much pieces of hilarious performance art as they are documented gaming sessions. They underline at every opportunity what’s best about tabletop gaming – the glorious camaraderie.”

Mark Gibbons -Dark Deeds.

The Battlehammer with Mark Gibbons
The Battlehammer with Mark Gibbons

Our videos and feature coverage includes:

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Please get in contact to discuss sponsorship of the website or to get your game/miniatures featured in a future video!

Darren Hay