Ahoy-hoy! So we can all agree that gaming is the best hobby known to human-kind (and yes, gaming can mean different things to different people). We can also agree that we’d rather be doing gaming related things than almost anything else (apart from nookie or watching the latest episode of Dr Who). So why is it that sometimes we just can’t be arsed and what can we do about it?

I guess what gives us the feeling of meh-ness is anything that makes the hobby feel like a chore. You’ve just got that new mini that looks great fun to paint, perhaps for a system that you don’t normally play (can’t wait to get my hands on my new Teddy) but you’ve got that unit of Adeptus Genericus that need finishing in the same old colours clogging up your painting table. Boring! I loved Batman: Arkham City but all those Riddler trophies, oy!  I know that I’ve got to run a game of Deadlands for my group of Weird West wannabes in January and I want to do a good job for all involved (including me). January’s ages away. I need to get some painting done. They won’t follow the story anyway. GMing’s hard. I can wing it. Writing words bad. Bah!

Gaming is a way to escape the responsibilities of the world. The problem we have is that it has it’s own responsibilities (writing blog posts for example) so how do we then escape from those? Procrastination, starting another project, doing sweet Fanny Adams? Generally, yes. Now I can hear you asking, “How do we break this curse, oh wise and knowledgeable Parker?”. Sorry, fucked if I know. Here’s a few tactics I use though.

Wait. The more you try to push your self to do things the more your mind will rebel. Think of it like nagging. If you’re constantly being told to do something, the more you’d rather be doing anything else (apart from watching Jeremy Kyle, I’m sure they film it in actual Hell). Give yourself a little break and you could find your mojo returning in no time.

A change IS as good as a rest. So you’re tired of painting bloody zombies. sixty three down, only another thirty seven to go. Sigh. Grab that squid-man who’s been eyeing you from the corner of the table and throw some iridescent turquoise on him. Shiny! That new Season 2 Guild Ball player’s just arrived, what a nice break from all that decaying flesh (unless you play Morticians). You’ll feel good about having painted something and hopefully be recharged for the next bit of the slog.

Go back to the source. I’m running Deadlands. I’m off to watch Clint be epic in Unforgiven. Painting Anglo-Saxons for SAGA? Read some violent and bloody historical fiction. Working on a super-cool Guild Ball goal? Time for some Battlehammer YouTube vids (#shamelessplug)! Have a think about what’s stumping you and re-inspire yourself by working out why you got into it in the first place. It might be as simple as flicking through the rulebook again.

Hopefully this has given you a few thoughts how to get out of that gaming rut. Projection? Perhaps. How do you deal with the demons of procrastination and motivation? Let us know in the comments below and you could win a prize. As soon as I can be arsed to think of one.

Until next time gentle readers.

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