Not that kind of painting!

I play games, gentle readers, as evidenced by my bio down below. Rarely, though, am I taken by the mood to paint minis. Strangely I really enjoy assembling my latest plastic crack which gives me many models that are put together but not painted. Bad Dobby. With Guild Ball, it’s been a different story (and you thought I wasn’t going to talk about it, ye of little faith).

I am a very slow painter at the best of times, in part because I can’t just slap it on and get on with the next one. Even my bog standard, rank-and-file troops will get as much attention as I can lavish on them (not to say I’m any good, they just have to be the best that I can do, average at best). Which explains why I have an army of Traitor Guard with only half a unit of finished models. Again, bad Dobby. The plus for Guild Ball has been the limit on the number of minis I need to paint and the fact that each one is an individual. I can take my time and finish it to the point where I’m happy and then move on to something different so I won’t get bored. I’ll admit that I’m only half way through my Butchers team in the space of a few weeks but at least I know I can get them finished before the next models are released. Legitimately the first time I’ll have a fully painted group of any kind. Hurrah!

I’ll put some pics up once I take them (possibly tomorrow?), but in the mean time here’s a little teaser I saw on the forums.

The alternate captain for the Alchemists come Season 2. Called Smoke with a cloud of smoke wafting around. Wonder what the rules will be like?

What are your thoughts about miniature painting? A fun part of the hobby? Pay a mate to do it for beer? Say they’re silver robots so you don’t have to do it? As always the best answer wins a prize. I’ll paint a mini just for you! (maximum 1 colour: Black, and you pay for the mini).

Until next time gentle readers.

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