Arise my minions!

The light from the candles flickers, the shadows in the corner of the chamber seem to deepen, the necromancer stood back from her work, marked out on the floor in fresh blood were symbols of power, symbols that man was not meant to know. Gently she started the incantations that she had spent years learning, the … More Arise my minions!


Ah well it may be too late to stop the loss of Mr P’s hair (then again that could be my fault) but how do we stop jumping from one project to another, when we haven’t even finished the first one! Sorry loyal readers, think I have lost the plot somewhere, come on Straw pull … More Stop….

Oh yes!

Just a small one for you today, (behave you lot!) Firstly I would like to say a huge well done to CoolMiniOrNot for getting all the backing they needed for Zombiecide Black Plague, it finished at $4,078,955. Shattering all their previous records so well done indeed, and yes I am so looking forward to receiving … More Oh yes!

A long time ago.. a galaxy far, far away. Yes boys and girls its Star Wars time! Oh yes indeed, Mr P and myself have been looking forward to playing this for ages, unfortunately another game came along that has kept us really busy, (not allowed to mention the game in this blog but lets just say the … More A long time ago..

So many games

What’s your game of choice, gentle readers? Wargames? RPGs? Charades? So many games and so little time. I’m thankful to be a _____gamer. By which I mean I’m the kind of gamer of whatever game I’m playing at the time. I don’t mean to suggest that I’m fickle in any way, I just like lots … More So many games

Part the Second

Believe it of not, gentle viewers, there is more of the crime against YouTube that is us. Again, it’s fully unedited rambling so please don’t judge us too harshly (or we’ll find you and kill you). There’s a bit more of an explanation as to how we got into creating our set of house rules … More Part the Second