Dark Heresy: The inevitable dilapidation of humanity: Fragment I

This fragment is a reflection of the character creation and contextual set up for our variation of the Dark Heresy: Tattered Fates Campaign. For those of you, who know the members of the battle hammer, who do you is playing which character? Comments and advice on ways to improve our campaign and story write up … More Dark Heresy: The inevitable dilapidation of humanity: Fragment I

A Revolution of Hammers

Imagine a world without hammers… How does it look? How does it function? What do the inhabitants hit things with? Do they function better than Parker? If you can’t visualize a hammerless world, it may be because your imagination is as restricted as my fellow role-player, who shall remain unnamed. Alternatively, it’s simply because there … More A Revolution of Hammers


This article was born, from a conversation with a friend. I’d recently read some hints on how to role-play which were blindingly obvious. So here is an idea for role-players. You may well know all this anyway, this is aimed more at people who been doing it for a while, but perhaps not decades. And … More Vulnerability