Do something good

Good morning all, for todays little blog, we are giving you the chance to do something very special. By donating to this very special cause, there is a chance you may get ya grubby little hands on a fully painted Masons Guild Ball team! That have been lovingly sweated over for eight long (very long) … More Do something good

Burrows and Badgers

So today finds me nearly finishing my starting war band for Burrows and Badgers, by Oathsworn. Yes its another skirmish level war game, but this is a skirmish game of anthropomorphic (say that several times after a beer) animals, that wear armour, carry swords and can use magic! All set in the ancient Kingdom of … More Burrows and Badgers

Once upon a time?

  Stories. Whether its science fiction, fantasy (oi no smut here) historical or crime or in fact one of the hundreds of different genres, it is these tales that take us away from our cold, mundane lives. And I guess that for many of us gamers role-playing was the next logical step. Actually being in … More Once upon a time?


With all the games we are attempting to play at the moment, I just have time to quickly give you some pictures from the Vengeance weekend, which was awesome!

Dark Deeds

Anthrand, the great port-city, a place where the rich rub shoulders with the poor, where the sick walk, or in most cases shuffle along with the healthy. A place where if you are clever enough, smart enough or lucky enough you can turn your rags to riches. Is it that easy you ask me, well … More Dark Deeds


With war raging all across the continent of Arikania, it was only a matter of time before the leaders of the Scion Nations would call for their reinforcements, and call they did. And from beneath the waves, from the skies and from forgotten realms they were answered! Yes good readers the mighty five families are … More Reinforcements!

Diceni Stuff

Ahoi-hoi girls and boys, apologies for lack of writing stuff but here at the hammer we are literally up to our scrotums in work! More delightful stuff will (I promise) be coming soon, but with Vengeance next weekend its all balls to the pitch as it were. But for now here are some photos from … More Diceni Stuff