Ruiz, Homicide

The start of another glorious overworked, underpaid day as a DCPD homicide detective. Large cahvee (no one can afford the old stuff) – check. Cherry kibble breakfast bar – check. Sheaf of assorted nasty overnighters – check. Let’s see. Face off between the Smiling Jax and Carnage. Various gang casualties, unknown. 3 civilians, recovered, dead … More Ruiz, Homicide

Judgement Day.

   Ain’t nothing like being woken by the click of a shotgun hammer, close to the face. I move my hands slowly away from my guns and hope they don’t recognise me.    You’re that Logan Maccar. Damn. You killed my brother. This ain’t a good day. I look up. 3 of them, mostly Union … More Judgement Day.

Bad Company

You drank that whisky quick, boy. You in such a rush to die? You don’t mind if I sip mine? I got no beef with walking out those doors with you. Ain’t like it’ll be the first time, nor the last time. And I can tell you, you’ll die with your iron in your holster, … More Bad Company


(Continuing a series of RPG related short fiction, diddly to do with GB) It’s a dog’s life, as a homicide cop in Detroit. Actually, I say that, never seen a real dog. Sure they’re in the holo-vids, and I understand they were common before the collapse. I’m rambling, but to be honest, I’m putting off … More DCPD


Yes, I’m a crusader, and I’m damn proud. Two years ago I was a farm boy, doing whatever I was told, and dreaming of a better life. When the chance came, I joined up without looking back. To start with, weren’t nothing special. March here. Camp here. Get in this ship. But stick with it, … More Crusades!


It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I never really wanted to leave the farm, but they convinced me. You’ll see the world, they said. You’ll explore exotic lands, and have exciting adventures. You’ll fight for the Cross, and you’re guaranteed Heaven. Oh, and we get let off the new tax. So I went. I … More Crusades?

Robin the Hood

Ok, so we’ve (I’ve) waffled about all sorts of stuff related to RPGs. I’m trying not to do a blow by blow account of any games, as I can’t see that will particularly interest anyone who wasn’t there. So here, I’m going to go into the specifics of planning a campaign. It sort of follows … More Robin the Hood