PARKER PAINTS 001: How I build and prep minis – YouTube Video

PARKER PAINTS 001: How I build and prep minis
In this video Parker explains how he goes from a mini in a box to one primed and ready to paint. Be warned I do ramble on a bit so maybe get a drink and don’t operate any heavy machinery while watching. There are timestamps below if you want to head to a certain part. It’s a bit of a faff but you might take a few tips here and there to help your finished mini look great. Let us know in the comments if you’ve learned anything!

0:00 Intro chat
4:04 Cleaning flash and washing
16:29 Assembly and pinning
30:32 Filling Gaps
43:58 Basing
52:57 Zenithal priming
57:09 Prepped mini spin

Expect the usual bad language and rude comments. NSFW. Not for kids.

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