We Need Your Help!

Ahoy gang, yes its been a while, but as some of you may now there had been a recent tragedy in the family, and I have not quite been myself. Again apologies, but now we are attempting to get back to some semblance of normality…well as normal as we get!

Hoi Scotty, beam me up to the Death Star..

So what has been happening? Well apart from all the usual stuff (which there seems to be more and more each day) we are now playing the beta version of Wild West Exodus, which is awesome, and I will get an article written about that soon! Still ploughing on with Gloomhaven, revisited Frostgrave with two new war bands, been to Salute and the UK Games Expo and spent far too much money at each!

Also currently waiting on loads of kick starters to come through!

Quick note, if you have not tried Rumbleslam, by the guys at TTcombat, go do it now! Fantasy wrestling, what’s not to like? You need a link? Go here!

But, this is where you come in. Our latest bout of silliness has been to film some of our role-play sessions, starting with the old classic Warhammer fantasy role-play (wfrp)

So currently we have finished two sessions, and briefly the group have been press-ganged into joining a pirate crew, now you really need to watch the second part, which is HERE! Its okay I will wait…done? Awesome!

And this is where we need your help, we are currently running a poll so we can decide the fate of the dwarf, all you have to  do is go here and vote.

The dwarves fate now rests with you…

Eh? I’m a dwarf?

Till next time,

Stay Hammered!


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