You snooze you lose!

It suddenly dawned on me the other day that it was the first day of May. Which means several things, firstly that I have neglected my good readers for far too long, so for that alone I am sorry! And its because of so many things happening  outside of my god-like powers to control, well okay that might be a lie but in our defence we have been stupidly busy.


So what has been keeping us so busy? Damn you! If you didn’t ask I could have wrapped this up quickly!

Well lets have a little think, filming now takes up three days of the week for us, Guild Ball is still the Friday main feature, but we have so many other games to play and film these days.

Play testing is another thing we are getting involved in more. Still helping out with the awesome Sla Industries Cannibal Sector one, we also have our grubby little fingers in such pies as The Third Law (yes it failed to kick start, but mistakes were made and learnt from so keep ya eyes open for more news on that) and The Drowned Earth, another skirmish level game with figures to die for! Another is the super, wonderfully cute Burrows and Badgers, which is on its second edition beta rules.


Cute and cuddly animals…with big swords!


Hosk, from The Drowned Earth

We have had to cut back on tournaments away this year, mainly for health reasons, but fear not, we shall be at Vengeance 2017 and Steamcon. Which I am really looking forward too, will the mortician team be out and about? You will have to wait and see!

Salute came and went, and for us it was very special, getting to meet some of our ever growing legion of fans is always going to be awesome, not just for them! And yes it was filmed so you know where you should be going to watch that.

We also now have a bigger range or merchandise, sold for us by our good friends over at Wyldstorm games, and as I’m in a generous mood the link is here!

And if you believe in such rumours…we even managed to run an almost successful Guild Ball tournament, Stay Hammered….which is what I did for most of the event!

And so far the highest point of this journey has been having Parker and I turned into a Dark deeds card, by the awesome Mark Gibbons!


He’s Parker, and he’s Straw, and together we are…


There are dark days ahead, but after the night comes the dawns light…step into the light.

Stay Hammered!






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