Lock and load people!

Time again to take a little stroll into the Cannibal Sector, you got your armour? Got your weapons checked and fully loaded? Got your LAD account fully paid up? Oh. Well never mind, lets rock!

Yesterdays game found Parker and I not feeling at our normal tip top entertaining selves (just don’t ask) so instead of filming, we played and took photos and I promised to write it up here for you all!

Simple enough mission, played on a 2×2 battlefield, which is meant to represent a fairly intact warehouse, inside are six grates, these contain random goodies. We had three victory point crates, two med kits and one “Jolly Meal Happy Snaks” worth three ratings points!

The Happy Snaks Warehouse!
And here come the good guys!

150 credits spent on patrols, this gave Parker his usual Shiver team, only this time they were accompanyied by a Frother! Yes we finally had access to character models! Myself, I settled for nine Carrien, led by the infamous Ragman!

” the rain was thundering down, the warehouse came into view, mostly still intact. The Shivers moved towards one of the doorways, and within moments had the door opened and were moving inside..”

Yes we know that he is not a Frother, just pretend ok?

Shivers quickly move into the main bay of the warehouse, where they find the first crate, which upon opening reveals…its one of the victory point containers! Bah!

Across the other side of the warehouse and the carrien pack had quickly snuck in, and ragman with his special “he’s everywhere” rule had managed to capture the second crate, this also contained victory points!

Sneaky little bastard

With both side getting early points it meant we would be scrambling to find the last crate, One of the Shivers managed to find the “Jolly Meal” crate, but just off the main hall one of the carrien was prising the lid off another crate, inside, victory points! Holding the  prize above his head he  howled with glee, shame he did not notice the Shiver crouching in the darkness, aiming..

“the carrien was dancing around clutching aloft his prize, suddenly gunfire, and the dancing abruptly stopped, to be followed by aimless shambling and the a final fall to the cold concrete, the prize rolling away from the now dead creature and stopping against the boot of the hidden Shiver, “Sarg, we got company!”

I think we could have a problem

The next few turns were crazy, yet filled with great cinematic moments, Lionel sees a bunch of carrien lurking through one of the smashed office windows, throws a grenade through, BOOM! All the carrien survived! They then charged through the remains of the window into combat!

Told you this was a bad idea!

In another part of the warehouse, the “Sarg”  had the unfortunate luck to encounter Ragman, who in a frenzied attack had left him dying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood.

Sarg checks his twitter feed just before getting disembowelled!

So with Shivers falling it was up to the frother to finally get involved! Now things could have ended a lot quicker if two things had of happened, one, if Parker had got the frother to actually move towards the fight (went the wrong way and then had trouble getting a charge in, oh how I laughed) and secondly, if we had had a proper frother figure!

But needless to say once an armoured, drug filled, skirt wearing maniac wielding a six foot power claymore gets in amongst your troops all you can do is play guess how many body parts are going to get scattered over the floor!

Even Ragman could not escape the frothing madman!

Still there was some consolation, as the frother continued to hack into the now dead ragman, the remaining carrien managed to sneak in and grab the dropped objectives and run to Mexico and freedom!

Victory for the carrien! But at what cost? Was the ragman really dead? I don’t think so, with his special ninja like stills and the frother being drugged up to his eyeballs, I think he managed to creep away to fight another day!

All in all another extremely entertaining game of SLA Industries Cannibal Sector One. Fighting on a smaller table was also fun, I was hoping it would have favoured the carrien, which to an extent it did, as they were not bothered with difficult ground modifiers, but oh man that frother. If he had got into combat earlier I don’t think there would have been any carrien left, he is that hard!

Winner of the chicken dinner!

Well that your lot for now, but just to let you know the scenery is from battlesystems, so go check them out here!

Until next time,

Stay Hammered!!

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