Here we go…again

So another year has started, its the end of January and I’m already thinking where the hell did that month go? Yes dear friends as usual its all go here in the Battlecave, and though not much has been written lots has been going on! Before we launch into all that I will promise to attempt to get something written once a week for you all!

Already we have hit the Guild Ball tournament circuit, having played our first one of the year at Wyldstorm where to everyone’s shock I won..the spoon that is! Well thinks can only get better right? Wrong! A slight wobble in the brain department meant I had to miss the trip down to Hastings for the Field of Screams 3, but the rest of the gang went, and good old Tara brought the spoon back! Hell we are nailing this collecting spoons thing! But with the next tournament this weekend, it might be time to start playing properly…


In other news our YouTube channel continues to grow, now on over a thousand poor souls have subscribed to the so called entertainment we provide, and this means I must make good on a promise, I said if we ever get that many I would get a Battlehammer tattoo, well that’s booked for next week and we will film some of it!


Filming  takes up a lot of our time now, and I like to think we are getting better at it, I now make an attempt to add things like photos and scores to the programs, but never fear I will never take anything out!


So what goodness can you expect to see this year? Well all the usual games plus new additions like All Out War (the walking dead game) Dropfleet  Commander, Age of Sigmar to name but a few, and with some of the kickstarters we have backed arriving this year, all I can say is we are going to be even busier than usual!

DSC_0059 2
We even found the Battle Bin!!

Here is hoping you stick around for the gaming goodness that we will be bringing you this year, there will be plenty of it!

Stay Hammered!

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