Looking Back

Ahoi-hoi and welcome to the first blog of the new year! So hope you had a rocking Christmas and New Year? If not don’t worry as the whole thing is overrated anyway!

Well 2016 has flown by and it would be appropriate at this point to thank all the people that have helped, supported and put up with all our nonsense over the past year, but I am not going too, because there are so many of you! Parker and I have been truly humbled by the amount of people that like and dare I say enjoy what we do!

Jason Greenwood, we love you.

So not only have we had the honour of meeting so many of our fans (wish they would stop getting us so drunk) we have had the opportunity to travel round this little island of ours to play in several tournaments, meet games designers and artists, who as youngsters we worshipped, been invited to help play test games, but importantly, we get to spend time (drinking) in the company of people that are as passionate about this hobby as we are!

Highs this year? Again too many to mention, but the Battlehammer  Road Trips have to be up there, along with being asked to help play test the SLA Industries Cannibal Sector One skirmish rules (yes there is a little sex wee when I think of that)

Games again this year have been mental, with the Season Three Guild Ball smashing its way onto the pitches, more Zombicide Black Plague than you could shake a dead wizard at, Wrath of Kings, Gaslands, Star Wars Armada, SLA, and others I have bound to have forgotten!

Oi Dark Lord…2017 and we will be watching you!

Filming now takes up a lot of our time with our channel almost hitting 1000 subscribers! Another thing we thought would never happen, and people say Parker and I are the mad ones! So expect even more silliness in that area!


Well done Paul Sutton, best shirt ever!

Lets wrap this up, 2016 was an awesome year, heartfelt thanks to all of you that have been there and continue to do so, and here is to an even better 2017, the year of the hammer!


This Mat Hart bloke gets everywhere!

Till next time,

Stay Hammered!






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