Time for a change

Ahoi-hoi my little darlings! Now from the wording above  you may be thinking “please are they stopping all the inane rubbish they keep coming out with” well the simple answer to that is NO! So what do we mean then? Well unless the hobbit hole you have been living in for the past couple of months has been locked, you will know that Season Three of Guild Ball will soon be here!!


Yes indeed, and not only does it promise to be even more streamlined, but most of the characters will have had a little work done on them, just to re-address their balance in the game. If you have read the last couple of articles you will have noticed that we had access to a couple of early player cards (thanks to some random bloke called mat hart) so we could get the general idea.


Now time for a quick rant.

For the love of small fish I wish some people would get a fucking life! Already people have been crying that they will need to learn the rules all over again, that they will not be able to play with their uber winning team, that will have to buy new team cards again! Really?? Firstly the rules will not be changing, a little tidy up maybe but that’s it, secondly, your team is only six players! Its not like you have to learn a whole new codex is it? And as for the cards, you will be able to download them for free!!


And breath..

So with all that, what else has the mighty battlehammer been up to? Well now that we have a new pc and new broadband sorted we will be able to get back on with letting you know! Its been a mad few months with tournaments (far too many spoons won) filming,  and even getting in on playtesting! But all that will be covered in time, but our main thing is still cracking out the videos for your entertainment!


And for us we have our trip to Steamcon to look forward too! We had no plan to go, but some people are very good at twisting arms!

That’s it really, we are back and as bad as ever!

And remember, stay hammered!

Aw go on then have some links…

Here! for YouTube

Here! if you are crazy enough to want to donate!

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