Guild Ball: Changes to Stoker and Tower!

Ahoy hoy! Well here we go, Steamforged Games have been lovely enough to give us a couple of current players getting the Season 3 treatment to go through with you. Hopefully you’ve come here from the video of the interview with Mat Hart as that has all the delicious details. If not you can find it here. Got it? Good.

Here’s the pdfs of the players baby!



So, Stoker from the Brewers and Tower from the Masons have been changed. It’s been really fascinating to hear from Mat about the design decisions made. We can see that it’s not simply a case of making the players more overtly powerful but instead giving them more in-game options. Tower has really become the centre of a strong defensive line and I can see Stoker making appearances in Brewers teams now.

I like that Tower still represents the versatility the Masons are famous for. With 1 Inf he can use Defend the Ground to withstand charges or Tooled Up to give his team some extra punch. Defend the Ground becoming an AOE was totally logical and is much more usable now. Tooled Up becoming Guild only will definitely mean some changes to team rosters (less Rage perhaps) and I wonder what else will see this change? Protect Those Close seems more cunning than simply siphoning damage. Should keep those low defence Masons on their feet for a little while longer.

Stoker is interesting too. Given that Molotov is not once-per-turn you could really set swathes of the pitch alight. Flame Jet too, the ranged damage won’t allow counter attacks and might get those normally out of reach.

All in all it’s really great to learn why they made the changes they did and I’m glad it doesn’t mean changing players completely. Can’t wait to see what else we have in store. Steamycon sounds intriguing. Perhaps we’ll see you there?

Until next time gentle readers!

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