Fermented Finking… To veteran or not to veteran… that is the question!!

Morning fellow nerds I am back again with another one of my brain farts. The topic for today is Spigot and as you may of guessed from the title, this will be my thoughts on when I will be using the two and in which line-ups. I have previously written a blog on my initial thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the two versions. Since then I have started using Esters a lot more and my opinion on them has changed a little bit. Although I will certainly be giving vet Spigot his time with both captains. So onto my thoughts on their role and how I will use them.

Season 1 Spigot.

For me grandfather drunk will still be going into my Esters line-up. I just find that the way I play Esters is all about utility and having “tool box” options. Spigot has the ability to make the team around him faster, kick better and hit a little harder. I love using him to boost Esters kick stat for the kick off, then turn 1 he tools her up. I then find that my opponent usually thinks I am going to bomb them with AOE’s so they come forward and instead I speed buff her and charge them. My go to line up with Esters at the minute is Quaff, Spigot, Mash, Friday and Gutter. This means that all my players (except Quaff) have a base kick of at least 3/6 allowing me to pass the ball around nicely using Spigot to act as the central point. But with his versatility I can also dump 4 influence on him and he can go to town on a player. In a game I had Saturday Ox came back on the pitch and advanced towards me. Spigot charged and got the momentous KD. This allowed me to bonus time his next 2 attacks for 8 dice vs 2/1 doing 10hp of damage and leaving him in the dirt! As I am not playing Hooper at the minute Spigot is filling that role of a hitter for me.

Season 2 vet Spigot

I can see vet Spigot getting a lot of time in my Tapper teams, where his ability to hold onto the ball and threaten the goal from 15” away with no influence will be brilliant. This will allow me to use the 2 influence he brings to fuel the scrum in the middle. Tapper can have 5, Hooper 3, gutter 3 and Friday on 2 to either get some Dirty knives in, threaten goal or charge and finish a player off. Spigot will spend his time within 8” of the edge of the pitch so he can get his free counter attack. Looking at his playbook he doesn’t want to be near the scrum at all, yes he has a momentous KD but it is on 4 successes!! If an opponent has the ball and is getting near goal his tackle and double dodge will be handy. But again it is on the 4th column so not super reliable to hit. He also fits my style of play with Tapper which is much more direct and a team focused on controlling them middle and making it really tough for my opponent. If Stave was a little less of a momentum farm I would potentially take him or even avarice in this team over Friday. With the sole responsibility of goal scoring going to vet Spiggot… hmmm that’s got me thinking now!


Please leave your thoughts and comments as I would really like to know what other people think of vet Spiggot.

2 thoughts on “Fermented Finking… To veteran or not to veteran… that is the question!!

  1. Nice article. Interesting that you see vet Spigs with Tapper and vanilla with Esters. Could you see yourself taking both in a tourney 8 and switching as needs be? I look forward to seeing vetSpig on the table doing some cool stuff on his own as the star player he should be, at the mo he feels like a mid table buff dude with little of his own oomf. Probably just me though.


  2. Probably not to be honest. Mainly because I just don’t like the idea of 2 versions of the same model in the same place, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Vanilla spigot manage to do 10hp to Ox on Saturday 😁. I know for a fact you are not looking forward to seeing vet Spigot on the table. Brewers make you sad face xxx


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