Click, click, whirl…

If you have read any of my other Guild Ball related posts you will know that I have a loathing for two teams in particular, Union (dirty, dirty Union) and the Engineers ( who the hell brings a minefield to a football match) Why such hatred you may ask? Well that’s simple enough to answer, Union have Blackheart as a captain, and he is a dick. And the Engineers just stand back and shoot, creating a “gun-line” boring!

Now, whilst not being an expert by any stretch of the imagination, this got me thinking (it does happen sometimes) and I decided that my next team to play would be, wait for it, Engineers! But hold on you cry, you just said they were boring, and that gives a negative playing experience? What you playing at Straw? Let me explain further.

Every time I have played against Engineers it has, in my opinion been dull and predictable, getting shot and knocked down whilst Ballista (captain) stomps a little way forward to throw out the minefield blah blah blah. And even with the new captain, Pin Vice now available Ballista is still leading the team. And this is where I thought it was time to take a stand!

So no more Captain Ballista, no more minefields, and no more gun lines, it was time to do what the Engineers do really well, it was time to play football!

Is that even possible? Can this really be done? Are you talking utter shite? Well maybe, lets look at it as a work in progress shall we? Next time I will go into more detail of my team line-up and other such ramblings, but for now hope its piqued your interest and here is a picture of Pin Vice as a reward!


At least she at Ballista..

So until next time,

Stay Hammered!



4 thoughts on “Click, click, whirl…

  1. Was gonna say a side benefit of going Engineers is you’ve got a good chance of winning those ‘Best Engineer’ awards, as usually the only engineer is Spoony…

    then I remembered this is Straw, so Spoony’ll still be winning them.

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  2. I’m not familiar with the game you’re writing about, but engineers definitely sounds like my kind of factions. You don’t need to be the sturdiest or strongest if you bring the biggest guns. ;D


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