I need a bigger gun

Welcome once again to the World of Progress, we hope you enjoy your stay in Mort, please ensure to read all safety notices and avoid the Cannibal Sectors…


Right then, we all know how much we love SLA Industries, and how much we are currently gushing fountains of sex wee all over the skirmish game (that we are helping to play test, how the hell did that happen?) so I thought I would take a moment to share our initial thoughts over the rules so far, I know awesome right? So make sure your Blitzer is loaded with HESH rounds and lets head into the Cannibal Sectors!

So the game is played on a standard 3×3′ battlefield, which to me is a perfect size for this style of game, and yes Parker and I will be playing on a bigger table soon! But this is nice and compact, then add scenery!


Turn steps are simple and straightforward, Initiative phase (roll 2D10) then there is a Maintenance phase, yes this is the bit where your little men get to move and shoot and do other cool things. And once you have activated one miniature, play passes to the other player, then back etc. This sort of mechanic has become very popular these days instead of the I will move my entire army first, and then my entire army will shoot yours…really? And I must say, I’m a big fan of it as it keeps you involved! Then once everyone has acted its the end of the turn. Simple, yes and with the little rule addition of, if you outnumber your foe by 2x, you get to activate two models instead of one, really adds something.

Measuring is the same as most games, edge of models base, and distances can be measured at any time.


Some models possess abilities that are classed as auras, and these are also measured from the models base.

And almost everything is worked out on a 2d10 roll, which way be modified, and margin of success are used. I may explain more about that later!

Lets get to the meat of things, each model will have a stat card on which all of the relevant information is located. Such things as move, firearms skill, melee skill, health points, armour, ratings abilities and the very important weapon damages! And if you are really lucky and if I’m feeling clever you may find a sample stat card below…is there?


Again everything is simple, you want to use a rating ability, then you will have to spend some ratings points to activate it! But how do I get ratings points? Well fortunately you will start with some and others can be acquired during the game. This depends on your margin of success rolls. For every 5 points over the target number you needed, well that a rating point, you also get one if you remove an enemy model during the game! And the crowd go wild!

Now lets give you an example of a little combat we have witnessed, Shiver Bob is crouching down by some fallen masonry, he can see a nasty looking carrien scuttling towards him, so he takes aim (forgoing his move action) and lets rip with his Browbeater, so Bob rolls 2d10, 7, 3. That gives us a 10, other bonus? Well +4 for aiming, the carrien is at close range, that’s another +4 and he has a firing skill of 3, that gives us a grand total of 21. now the carrien rolls its 2D10 and gets a total of 14, adding its firearm skill of 1, and no other modifiers, gives it a 15. Bob wins by 6 points which gives him 1 rating point, and checking the weapon column on his stat card shows his Browbeater only does 4 damage. This is firstly taken off the carriens armour, a whole 1, and then 3 points off its hits leaving it with a total of 2 hits. Boom!


In the next activation, the carrien charges poor old Bob, and with some great rolling and the clever use of ratings points it manages to cause damage, knock Bob down and then reposition him 1” which smashes him through a wall and into the path of another hungry carrien! And its that simple mechanic which makes this games so fun and cinematic!


Up to now we have had the pleasure of filming two of our games, but there will be more to follow (for those who do not like singing, prattling of general merriment, these are not for you) and these will have more in depth information about the rules, and sometimes even some brand spanking new ones, but I just wanted to give you a little taster.

We love it!

So if you have not backed it on kickstart yet, you may have time!

And remember, Mr Slayer sees all.


Links for you,

Kickstarter, here

Daruma, the place every Operative should visit is here

and the vid are here, Vids

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