Mr Slayer Wants You

They say that good things come to those that wait, well as a SLA Industries fan we know all about waiting! Just to recap it is a dark, gritty and sometimes downright nasty role-playing game that appeared in 1993. Yes that was a long time ago, and in gaming terms it would have been forgotten, but in had a core of fans that would wait till the ends of time to hear what the truth that lies in the game was.


Now imagine my surprise, and complete and utter joy when we heard that the game was making a reappearance! Yes there might have been a small amount of sex wee, but then we discovered it was coming back as a miniatures game and then new role playing books! Sex wee downpour!

So bringing us up to the here and now, last weekend found Parker and myself happily on a train journey to far flung Doncaster for a little day trip. Now hold on, no Guild Ball? No. Games convention? Again, no. Then what?

Daruma open day that’s what!

Yes we had been invited along to the open day where the guys there (a fantastic bunch of lovable chaps, yes Mark even you) would be holding demos of SLA Industries Cannibal Sector, the miniatures skirmish game! Well how could we not attend this?

Now it may have only been a small gathering this time, I am thinking next year the guys will need a bigger venue, because as this is being written the kick starter for the game is running, and is going strength to strength! Well I did tell you that there was a very loyal fan base!


With much tea drinking and swooning over SLA miniatures, we attended seminars that would tell us about upcoming releases and other projects. A quick break then onto some play testing.

Nasty hockey wielding Carrion appear from the ruins!
They are coming, they are coming..
There was no beer…
…but there was themed cookies..
..and a Carrion skull cake!






So not only could we chat and abuse the chaps writing the minis game, we even got to chat with one of the original games writers, one Mr Jared Earle, (possibly the nicest bloke I have ever had the privilege to meet) and yes I did sequel like a schoolgirl when he signed my 1993 copy of the rules! Unfortunately the other scalp I wanted Mr Dave Allsop, the main man behind it all, was nowhere to be seen, they say he was working on new SLA art, but I think he was just too star struck to meet the mighty Battlehammer! Next time Dave!

Yes we have filmed some of the day, that should be uploaded soon(ish) but what did we bring away with us? Well apart from a cracking goodie bag, we realised that a game we once loved is still getting the love it deserves and with the new skirmish game coming, its only going to get more love!


This brings us nicely onto the miniatures game itself, so yes it is still in play test phase, which means rules will change and develop as we go, but what we have done is filmed our very first game and taken our time to talk you through the rules. And the only word I can use to describe them is, elegant. The simple rules set fits with the background so well, and brings some truly magical cinematic moments to your games!

In fact we are so proud to be helping out with this project that all other painting and modelling projects have been quickly put on a back burner so we can get figures painted, and begin a video log of how we create our SLA battlefield! And even better, we hope we can bring you some filmed SLA Industries role-playing sessions!

But for now, if you have not done so, pop over to the kick starter and put a little pledge in, because this is going to be a winner, of that I have no doubt!

while you can, HERE! to get on the kick starter!

Welcome to the World of Progress.

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