Do something good

Good morning all, for todays little blog, we are giving you the chance to do something very special.

By donating to this very special cause, there is a chance you may get ya grubby little hands on a fully painted Masons Guild Ball team! That have been lovingly sweated over for eight long (very long) months by our very own Parker!

Yes its them in the photo above (we hope)

So all you need to do is go watch our video and follow some drunken instructions (yes there is a link) and you could win something that Parker has touched!

Remember it for charity!


And just in case you don’t have time to watch our frankly piss poor attempts at filming, here is a link to the actual place where you should sent your cash! Give your cash now!

Remember, everyone has a chance to be a decent human being, this is your chance, and if you don’t,

Enter a caption

we will send these two round!

You have been warned!


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