Attention All Operatives

It was raining, just like yesterday and the day before that, ah hell it always rained on Mort. The cracked window I was looking into threw back a distorted image of my face, tired, that was always the first thought that came to mind, and then you would notice the eyes. Windows into the soul I heard them described as once, damn, you don’t want to look into mine then, we have all seen some shit in our lives, I have just seen more than my fair share.

Over my reflections shoulder a scene was being played out on this filth ridden street, a Shiver APC was parked across the road, its light cutting through the darkness. The Shivers themselves were milling about, poor bastards were on their way back from the Cannibal sectors when they got the call.


I turned, winced at the whining sound of a couple of SCAFs passing overhead and started towards the cordoned off alley that the APC was guarding. I had almost reached the “keep back” tape when one of the Shivers finally noticed me, he quickly headed over, moving his Gauss rifle in to a more comfortable grip, “ Move back citizen, this area is off limits” his voiced barked. I looked at him in disbelief, then pointed to where my ID was clearly visible on my jacket, I did not even stop to hear his muttered sorry sir response.

The scene at the end of the ally was similar to many I have seen over my years as an Operative, death. The rain was doing a great job of washing away the blood, but the bodies were still fresh.

Were these deaths different to the many others I have investigated? Probably not, did I really need to be here? Again probably not, but I was going crazy behind that desk, and there is only so much paperwork you can do.

Still something had brought me here, something chipping at the back of my head, a quick look at the bodies was enough, both were male, gangers by their clothing choice, but they had been hacked up real bad, this was no gang killing, this was just brutal killing for the sake of it.

A sound to my left and the Operative skills kicked in, the Blitzer was suddenly in my hand, slowly I moved over towards the trash pile, then I saw her, gangers clothes but she cannot have been more than fourteen, she was shivering, eyes wide with fear, I put the gun away. She didn’t even bat an eyelid as I picked her up and carried her out of the ally.

Suddenly the area around me was lit up, so sudden that I stumbled and almost dropped the girl, I placed her on the ground, and shielding my eyes once again drew the gun.

A voice broke through on my headset, “ Operative this is control, you are ordered to stand down, repeat you are to stand down. Legion will be taking over this investigation.” I could just make out a figure approaching against the glare, then the lights went off, to be replaced by light drones their beams illuminating the approaching figure. Now with the blinding light gone I could make out other figures behind, camera crews.


I slammed my gun once again into its holster, “I got this” the words were hissed through my gritted teeth. The figure before me was impressive even I had to admit that, the armour itself had that sculpted muscle look, all in gold colour, a pair of stylized Blitzers in holsters, bloody hell the guy was even wearing a cloak! And he had that dashing good looks thing going on that the girls would just swoon over. I wanted to be sick.

“No, no you don’t, we will deal with this, didn’t you get word from control?” He asked in such a way I wanted to cave his head in with something big, and very heavy.

“Yes I got the message but” I didn’t get to finish the sentence as he pressed an armoured finger to my lips, “Shh now, you go back to your safe little office and leave this to those younger and lets face it, a lot better than you.”

“ Now wait a fuckin “ I knew before I had even finished the sentence that my mouth had got me into trouble again. I never even saw the punch coming, but I felt it. My head whipped back, and the rest of me followed.

I laid there spitting out blood and one, no two teeth, and the figure had scooped up the girl and was heading back to the film crews who were obviously waiting for his return. Voices quickly bombarded him with questions, I couldn’t catch them all, but I did catch his name, Crimson.

Fucking girls name I thought as I drifted into unconsciousness…


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