Burrows and Badgers

So today finds me nearly finishing my starting war band for Burrows and Badgers, by Oathsworn. Yes its another skirmish level war game, but this is a skirmish game of anthropomorphic (say that several times after a beer) animals, that wear armour, carry swords and can use magic! All set in the ancient Kingdom of Northymbra.

Right before we start this is not a review, that will come later, no this is just the ideas that have come to me for my war bands story as I got these characterful figures together.

With the King missing is was down to his son Prince Reinert to rule the kingdom, and with the threat of war with the wildbeasts looming and trouble in his own court, the Prince would have to rely heavily upon his loyal war bands.

Thats the introduction we get, sorted, but I bought my figures before I had read the rulebook, going on which figures appeal to me. And with figures in hand it was time to get spending pennies on my forces. And there was my first mistake, far too many wonderful figures to choose from! Still, I grabbed the ones I liked what could go wrong?

Now I liked the idea of being the good guys so I start checking out the Royalists, hang on, no fox listed! Damn it, hold on its under Rogues. Ok slight change of plan, then the ideas begin to flow.

Now here is the basics for my war band, looking at the figures I had I notice they are all heavily armed so maybe they were part of the same military unit? I wanted good guys, but with fox on the rogue list I would have to change this, or would I?

Eventually things began to fall into place, I was painting a group of the Kings Own, a dedicated group warriors hand picked by the King himself, used for special missions of importance. Now the advisor to the king (going to make him a spell-casting fox) wants power, and through several shenanigans has managed to worm his way into the right hand of the king. And by some evil misdeed manages to get the Kings Own banished from the kingdom! Then the king “mysteriously” vanishes and its left to the Prince and his new Advisor to rule.

And out in the wilds those still loyal to the king and unhappy with the way have have been set up decide to strike back, For the King!

Yes its ripped off from the tales of Robin Hood with a large dose of Musketeers thrown in, but its that what adds to the fun!

So at the beginning of our campaign, I have 15 pennies left from my starting 330. My lords and ladies let me introduce you to the Kings Own.

Sir Hartely: Former second in command of the Kings Own, comes from one of the lesser noble families.


Skarax: A wildcat, quick to anger but fiercely loyal.


Whistles: Fox scout, bit of a loner now that his constant companion Bengi has gone missing, the two grew up together.


Bulvar: A very large badger, slow to anger but unstoppable once he gets something into his head. Many have called him slow in the head, but if you look into his eyes you can see something, something special.


There will be several others to add to this band, but this is the core, Bengi the hound tracker is awaiting painting (and pennies to recruit him) as is a rather large otter! But for now, its time to head into the deep woods I have heard there are villagers who are loyal to our cause and it would be good to sleep in a bed for the night.

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