The Ballad of Baldric: A Wulfsburg Story


“I, Clovis, was the only one to make it out of that damnable place alive. I saw the others get torn apart by wolves so fast we barely saw them coming. But I wouldn’t have even got this far had it not been for the wizard Baldric. The last time I saw him he was holding our rear unleashing torrents of flame from his hands taking out ten of those undead things at a time. It was like he was high on his own untamable power, glowing so bright I could hardly look at him. His already booming voice seemed amplified by the eldritch power he wielded, shouting his words of power that brought forth the conflagration. It was deafening. I never thought I’d miss it but no one said ‘HELLO’ like him. *sniff*”

“Where was I? Yes, he saved me. There’s no doubt of that. He returned more creatures to the grave that day than the rest of us put together. That’s why I’ve come to speak to you, he must be avenged. The town of Wulfsburg must be purged and we shall do it in Baldrics name!


It seemed the fires of Hell itself were being brought forth from Baldrics hands. Zombies were being struck down left and right but as fast as he could destroy them more came from the back streets. The unmoving corpses were being pushed forward by those that were still imbued with necromantic energy. Mystic energy surged through Baldric and he laughed with the power of it. The more zombies he destroyed the more his veins burned with energy. He knew his end was coming but he didn’t let it worry him. To begin with he was drunk with the power that the Inferno scroll had imbued him with. Also, he knew that he was helping his friend survive. They had fought the zombies together for weeks and he’d be damned if they stopped at Wulfsburg. The room was filling with the undead hordes, a tide of flesh being forced into what would become Baldrics tomb. As darkness covered Baldrics eyes he was happy, he had finally realised the true potential of his arcane power.

A crack of light woke him up. Then the stench of death hit him. He wasn’t dead, it hurt too much. Baldric realised that he hadn’t been eaten. Just crushed by the wave of dead that had piled on top of him. The power that once flushed through him was now gone. Baldric was still a wizard though. A Mana Blast or too might just set him free.


“I shall avenge my brother Baldric, and I shall even miss his ridiculous voice.”


“Oh gods no.”


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