The Uk Games expo 2016

So it was the morning of Friday 3rd Junes 2016 and the 5 of us crowded into the battle bus and set off on an adventure to the midlands and the NEC centre. The UK games expo is a 3 day event that is now in its 10th year. I have to admit though that actually I personally preferred are trip to Salute. Largely this was because I felt that the UK games expo was really geared up towards board games as opposed to miniature games. My preference is definitely miniature games; I don’t mind board games with miniatures’. But a lot of the games on offer had more in common with Monopoly than the kind of things I like. Having said that there were some miniature’s companies there such as Steamforged, Oathsworn, Bushido and a few others. But If I was to only go to one of the two it would be Salute. It’s also easier to get to from these ere parts. So without any more waffle I have a collection of photos from the day.

Parky spining the wheel of Nerdiness, will he score hi?

We got to have a better chat with the Michael and Jo Lovejoy who are the peeps behind Oathsworn and Burrows N Badgers.

I will post a link at the end of this to a video i have done of my swag from the Expo, you can see the models up close then.

My memory is so bad i can’t for the life of me remember which system these little critters are from and i really wish i could!!

Sneak peek of the Jung pirates

Had a look at the Bushido toys and I brought the very reasonable show offer, which you can see more of in the video. The Tengu decension is the way forward for me. Some birdmen samarai type things! Hells yeah.

A Battlehammer road trip wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory visit to the Steamforged stand, where we got to see three of the new mascots coming out!

What do you thinkof them?

One of the other highlights would have to be meeting one of the Darklords himself Mark Gibbons. What a shame he turned out to be an annoyingly nice bloke and funny as well. It seems to be a bit of a reoccurrence lately. We meet these guys involved in games design and they turn out to be fucking awesome!

O dark master!!!

Parky even got a bit of a freshen up as it was that time of the month again!


So yeah that all happened. It was a fun day out, but as i mentioned earlier i definately prefered are trip to Salute. But as they say in Latin ” Never fucking mind”.

Love and kisses to you all


Here is the link to my swag..


Also this is a video we did through out the day filmed by Battlehamster Grant.

Look at that glazed look in his eyes! It is either because he has been told there is no more beer… or he has realised that Jane hasn’t given him any pocket money.

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