Once upon a time?



Whether its science fiction, fantasy (oi no smut here) historical or crime or in fact one of the hundreds of different genres, it is these tales that take us away from our cold, mundane lives.

And I guess that for many of us gamers role-playing was the next logical step. Actually being in control of a character in a story that is constantly changing around you. Having to make decisions that you as your normal self would hopefully, never have to make.

But is there a line that we should not cross? How far do we go into the darkness? That is a question for another time, but it depends on your group and what you deem is “appropriate”.


For myself and the friends I have gamed with over the years, our line has been blurred many, many times and have dealt with horrible situations, things that should have never even been in a game! But we always came back! Does it add to the excitement of the game? Of course it does! And the more you “become” your character the more enjoyment you get.

But I digress, hopefully you have read some of the other articles on this blog about role-playing games by my good (long suffering) friend Nick, if not just zip back to them while I wait for you.

Done? Right then, you see this is where Nick and I disagree on something, and that is board games.

Now I am not talking about Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders, I mean our gaming board games, and trust me, after going to the UK Games Expo, there are thousands of them! Nick would rather spend his gaming time (and none of us have that much anymore) role-playing, and would happily play just about anything. But mention a board game and its a no. And his reasoning is sound, we don’t have much time to game so lets do something constructive! And I completely understand this, but for me I don’t always want to dive into a meaningful adventure, I don’t want to battle my way through hordes of undead because some stupid wizard “accidentally” summoned them. I just sometimes want to play a board game, and its this that brings us almost full circle, back to stories.

Inspiration for writing an adventure has been covered before. But for me it always starts with some cinematic idea, or some nasty bad guy for the heroes to defeat, but lately all my inspiration has come from the stories that appear when we board game.

So many examples so little time.


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, Parker and I managed to get our grubby hands on Star Wars Rebellion. A Risk type game set in the Star Wars universe, where one player takes on the role of the rebels, attempting to get enough planets to rebel and over throw the Empire (the other player) who is attempting to find the hidden rebel base and destroy it.

Now in this one game several epic moments happened that would make great adventures, Mon Mothma on a diplomatic mission to Genosis, witnesses the destruction of the planet Naboo (no more Gungans! Happy smiley face) by the Death Star! She is then captured by the Empire, and the Emperor himself turns her to the Dark Side! I mean, wow! So the players could be covert imperial agents attempting to capture Mon Mothma, or an elite rebel strike team sent in to rescue her. And this comes from moving a few pieces on a board!

Or when Han Solo (maybe attempting to rescuing some Gungans but probably too late) joins in with a small rebel fleet to destroy the Death Star, and ends up dog fighting with Darth Vader!

Or when Boba Fett, about to put General Crix Madine into Carbonate is surprised by a rebel team lead by Princess Leia, in the gun battle that follows, Fett, narrowly escapes but not before running into a certain astromech droid, that proceeds to cover the notorious bounty hunter in fire suppressant!

The list goes on, and this was just from one game!


So remember, an idea for that next adventure could be waiting for you in your next board game, so make sure you have a notebook handy, just in case.

Well I think I have waffled on for long enough, so long in fact that I cannot remember what my point was! But I will leave you with this,


Games are great!

Go Play!


3 thoughts on “Once upon a time?

  1. I agree with most of what you say, and can’t really see your argument. RPGs can be just as quick to set up, just as daft. Board games are a good ‘in’ into role-playing – I wonder if our hobby will boom in a year or so after yours has.
    I suppose the plus is, you can have a decent board game with anyone, but in role-playing you do need some of the group, and preferably the GM, who know what they’re doing.


  2. As another plus for board games (look, I’m doing your work for you) there’s the competitive nature. You can do your GB competitions, standings etc. It’s possible to do competitive role-playing (Nick and his aliens vs marines game, for instance), but it’s not the same.


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