The Chronicles of the Cookie monster

God morning to you all and I hope you all had an awesome weekend with plenty of geekery involved. I thought I should throw down a quick update on some stuff we have been up to in the battle cave. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do a proper Battlehammer bugle, just been to busy working on some projects for you nerds to enjoy! so this is just a collection of photo’s from a couple of weekends we have had recently in Costa del Thetford! hope you enjoy and if you want to come along to one… go see your doctor first!!


Disclaimer: some of the following images are not suitable for those with a weak constitution! Alcohol was most definitely consumed and Parker did get kind of sexy at one point.

8th May 2016

They came, They saw… and unfortunately we were conquered!

Russell is clearly regretting his life choice already

Yup Pete of The Gentleman’s guild ball club ilk and Russell came up from Cambridge to join us and represent 2d6 gaming club. Russell used his awesomely painted Union..

Whilst Peter brought Esters and her gang along

The aim of this get together was to give the guys a bit of practice before Vengeance! But seeing as only Straw and Parker actually went to Vengeance it didn’t help because there still rubbish! FACT

it was a Totes awesome day

Yeah this was an actual dice roll! can’t remember what for though, probably a goal.

Even frankie was quiet at one point

aaaaaarrrrrr Frankie

There was a little bit of inter species love!… which didn’t involve Parker for a change.

Puppy love…

But then unfortunately things started to go down hill quite rapidly…

If you look between the next 2 photo’s back and forth quickly… you will have nightmares!

So yeah that is what happens when 2d6 take on the Hammer… bad things!

Onto 28th May 2016

This actually was a slightly more respectable day in the cave. Probably because Parky had decorated the utility room of Casa del Straw the previous night… with his own vomit!

Round 1 i got to play Tara which was ace as we haven’t played each other before. Also she used Hammer which was sweet as I hadn’t seen him on the pitch yet. Good game and the girl is definitely learning fast (to fast). You can actually plot her development against Straws and whilst Tara’s is like a ski lift Straw is more like a ski slope!

What a spookticle the game was!

Although credit where credit is due, Straw has finally found an opponent he can beat!


Unfortunately Tara sat down and normal service was resumed..

How many points did you get Straw??

This time we were privileged to welcome Stuart from Paranoid miniatures to the den of iniquity. Always nice to play someone new… even if he did beat me 12-10. I have to say it was a really tough game that I did thoroughly  enjoy. Hoping for a rematch at some point.

So apparently Stuart can roll shit dice!


But i can roll worse than that baby… hell yeahs! Graves charges Mist… and Boom!!


So thats really all i have time for now loyal little Hammsters. There will be more coming soon and hopefully we will be dipping are toe’s into the world of podcasting!! eeekkk

Love and Kisses



6 thoughts on “The Chronicles of the Cookie monster

      1. Yes, yes.. thats the problem you will have. Definitely that.

        If there is anything I can do to help out than I will. Even if all that can be is testing out recording skype calls or something


  1. Mate that would be ace. We are looking at doing a series on meeting the community. Just having a chat about people’s history of wargamming and that. What they look for in a game etc. Also use it as a platform for people to promote something if they want to. I think it will be going down the route of Skype and screen recorder. Going to download it tonight.


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