My Battlehammer introduction

So there’s a girl who is completely obsessed with Kardashians and trashy television programmes like Geordie shore. Much like me you probably wouldn’t put table top games like Guildball on the list of her top 10 favorite things to do, however gaming is way up there in the top 3.

Ahoi-hoi! I’m Tara and this is just a little article that gives you my gaming story. I guess it’s all my oldest brothers fault, my main childhood memory of him is how he would sit in his room for the whole weekend playing games like Age of Empire, this kind of baffled me how someone could enjoy playing games that much that they’d spend days glued to a screen. It also started to open up my ‘nerdy side’ because I strangely started to look forward to watching him start quests and killing beasts with four heads and ridiculous powers.

Fast forward a few years and I started thinking about playing the same game my brother used to play (now obviously being a 14-year-old girl in the modern age this probably wasn’t seen as cool). So I downloaded it onto our home computer and I found myself destroying four headed beasts with magical powers for days on end. Fast forward another year or so… now much like a normal person got bored of playing the same game, I tried for months to find a game that filled my ‘geeky’ needs but nothing would do. It was like my very own quest had come to a cold, bitter end.

For anyone still following, well done you haven’t got bored by ‘the fluff’ (background story).

Right now here comes the important bit, this year just after Christmas battle hamster no.2 / Battlehammer cameraman (yes he made me include that) introduced me to the crazy world of Straw and Parker, little did I know I was about to play my first game of Guildball and win 12-8 butchers vs fish. A little detail I like to leave out is that I had A LOT of help from Parker, I went home and was so hooked on the game that I printed out the Guildball templates. 5 months, 8 figures, 1 pitch, 2 sets of dice, a Diceni event, hours of painting, a northern invasion and 2 spoons later I’m still hooked but now not just on Guildball… now the whole concept behind the Battlehammer and the games they play.

This brief story made me realise not only have I found out that this type of gaming completely fills all of your geeky needs! It brings a whole load of fun to your life too, not only that most of the people you meet along the way are bloody awesome.

The community of people these games bring together is outstanding to see, it’s also amazing to see that yes there is a lot of competitiveness in the games but there is never anything other than a good laugh and joke after it has finished.

5 thoughts on “My Battlehammer introduction

  1. Good to see their madness is contagious! Wonderful article!

    Now onward! To battle! Or not to battle? Is that the Battlehammer question?

    I’m going home now….

    Liked by 1 person

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