With war raging all across the continent of Arikania, it was only a matter of time before the leaders of the Scion Nations would call for their reinforcements, and call they did.

And from beneath the waves, from the skies and from forgotten realms they were answered!

Yes good readers the mighty five families are now receiving reinforcements and will continue to do so at a regular rate. But what can we expect to see? Well look upon these captured images and be in awe!

Firstly, we have the cover of the new book, and yes they really are flying pigs! Well I guess the price of bacon will be going up in Arikania (sorry) but will there be figures for these?

Flying pigs!



Think we can take that as a yes?

But more importantly will my arch nemesis Parker get anything for his Hadross retinue?

Well the answer to that would be yes. And I stand in fear of these mighty crabby/lobstery/shell wearing freaks! And I bet they all get bloody resonate!

Lobster anyone?

And even though they are my enemy, those Hadross creatures are awesome models!

As for the other families, House Teknes has the flying pigs and this rather weird, but wonderful thing!

Its called a War Stomper!


Plus they receive these little beauties! Am I the only one thinking Frostgrave warband?

Cracking models.

Moving on to House Nasier, and their forces get,

A Pelegarth Brute
Don’t know what it does but me want!
Another beauty! Time to sell a kidney!

And then we have a few to boost up House Goritsi,

I am all a quiver!

And just so you know I have these models (cheers Brian) and they are AWESOME!

Then something weird this way comes,


yes it appears to be a werewolf with a flight harness…

That only leaves a couple of teasers for you.

Shael Han Temple Dogs maybe?
Foxes, can only be Kuni Tricksters?

Now you have to admit that is a nice little bunch of figures! So get down to your local games shop and get into Wrath of Kings, there is a two player starter set available, which we will be doing a battle report with soon so there is nothing to stop you going ahead and forging your own legends!

And if your games shop do not have the game get them to contact Brian Edwards at EBS Hobbies and he can sort you out.

So that is the round up of all the Wrath of Kings stuff I know, for more information you know what to do.

Oh, you want links? Well all you had to was ask!

You can go here if you want  a giggle at us unboxing the 2 player starter set,

or if you need your local shop to get supplies, then head over to here

Until the next time.

One thought on “Reinforcements!

  1. All those minis are freaking awesome! Dunno what I like more. As a Hadross player I have to say the lobstermen but those foxes are full of character and that flying werewolf. Crikey!


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