Dark Deeds

Anthrand, the great port-city, a place where the rich rub shoulders with the poor, where the sick walk, or in most cases shuffle along with the healthy. A place where if you are clever enough, smart enough or lucky enough you can turn your rags to riches. Is it that easy you ask me, well my young friend that would be telling, but listen to me and do as I tell ya and you might just be one of them there lucky ones who can make it out of here. What you say, if I’m so good at this why am I still here, ha-ha, that’s easy boy, I love it!

Now get me an ale and I will part with the knowledge that might just help ya, why cant I get me own? Well lets just say I had a rather unfortunate run in with a member of the city watch, to whom I supposedly own a few gold coins too, now go get me ale.

Ah that’s better, first ale of the day is always the best, even better when someone else plays! And that’s what this game is all about boy, see this here street is a goldmine of opportunities if ya know where to look, and that’s what I’m going to teach ya. Now listen.

This here “respectful” establishment that we are currently drinking in is know to all as the Gutted Rat, and just outside is the street, now I know that your looking at it like its just another street that could be in any city in the Empire, but its not. This street connects some of the best thieving spots I have ever know, all you have to do is know where to look, and of course remember why we are here, and that is? Yes to further our Dark Masters plans, and that in-turn promotes us through the ranks. Come on lets have a little walk.

Stop here boy this alley is a great place to wait, yes that’s it learn casual like we are chatting. Now what do you notice? Yes I know its not the best smelling place but what do you see? Well? Guards, and merchants going about their daily business, and priests? Yes we get plenty of them religious nuts coming through here. Ah, you see it now don’t ya? Possibilities! You can steal from one, maybe not just goods, but a sharp blade in the right place can loosen not just purse strings, but it can also loosen tongues. Secrets boy that’s our real purpose, secrets.

But we don’t want to hang around here all day, we will come back later, just after dusk, when the guards are changing shifts, the merchants are packing up eager to get home to a warm fire, and all the priestly types are rushing about to get to their prayers. That’s when thing get interesting boy, and that’s when we go to work, no lad not just thieving, we are here to do deeds for our master, deeds that sometimes require blood to be shed, dark deeds boy.

Dark Deeds.

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