A Salute Review – Madness definetly did come!!

Come closer young blood… that’s it.. Next to this ere hearth. Fill Old Tom’s tankard and I will tell ye a tale of a band of adventures bold and brave. Who travelled from parts round ere to a forn place far away. A place of tall buildings and nefarious types, a place where deeds are done for dark gods, a place that even the bravest of souls venture to only when necessary. But where is this place I ere ye ask Old Tom? Where could such a magnet….. be found that so many servants of the dark gods would congregate to worship! This place in forn parts is known as London town. The destination of are brave adventurer’s was deep in the heart of this pestilent chapel, the path they followed lead them to a sanctuary within the heart of the dark prince’s lair and this sanctuary was a place where the odour of nurdlings was so overpowering that even the dark gods themselves would not dare cross it’s threshold. This sanctuary young blood was known as “Salute”!!


Hells yeahs!

Enough of the silliness (although the bit about the nurdling odour was pretty accurate) and on with a review. What an amazing day we all had down there. Having never been before we were all really excited and I can honestly say that the event didn’t disappoint. Never in all my geeking days have I been exposed to such a concentration of geekiness, it was ace! First off we joined the mad rush to the Steamforge stall to pick up are pre-order toys. And although on the way down I had boldly claimed I wasn’t going to buy much from them as I could get it on-line any-how’s… I completely tilted. Don’t know what happened but I just lost the plot and went spending mad. I brought the limited edition Flint model, which was planed to be fair. Although I must admit I was slightly disappointed that the player card is just the normal one you get and not a shiny, but hey ho! I then proceeded to buy both the Hunters and show special dice for the sum of £20! Fuck me sideways I spent £20 on 20 fecking dice!!! Curse you Steamforge! Even more annoying is the fact that I will probably never use them as I really like my big yellow dice I normally use!!!!! Big fat slap on the head.. DOH!!!!! They also manage to get me to part with some florins for Minx, Scalpel and both season 1 & 2 plot cards. Although Minx was a planned purchase as I really want to give my Morticians a run out.

DSC_0066 2

Meanwhile Parker was getting a demo of the new Steamforge game Dark souls. Which went up on kick starter yesterday and I believe achieved its target within a mighty 6 minutes! Wow good work Steamforge. I know Parker thought it was a pretty sweet game, but it wasn’t my bag. Can’t put my finger on it exactly but I just didn’t like it. Which is really odd because the mechanic of how you fight the boss is really unique. Perhaps it was because I was mesmerised by the beauty of James from hot gates games and therefore didn’t really take in the game!

DSC_0058 2
Shameless selfie with James

We also went and had a demo of a game called Dark Deeds from games and gears. This game is just simply amazing and if you haven’t already, scuttle over to the Youtube channel and check out the video of Straw and Parker playing it. I won’t go into too much detail here as the video illustrates it way better than my drival can. But if you are a fan of Terry Pratchett books I think you will love it. Although it has nothing to do with the discworld there was something about the art work on the cards and the feel of the game that transported my mind to the streets of Ankh Morpork. Seriously check it out.

DSC_0046 5

Parky also had a demo of a game called Mythos (I will let him tell you more about that) by Paranoind minis. Myself and Straw had a wee chat with the guys who produce a lovely little skirmish game called Burrows and Badgers, produced by Oathsworn minatures. Expect to see and hear more about this soon. It is like wind in the willows meets Mordhiem. Plus if you have ever read a series of books by an author called Brian Jaques based on the struggles in Redwall. This will definitely appeal to you.

DSC_0059 2
We even found the Battle Bin!!

So many other things to report on, but I will keep it brief as there is a lot happening in the Battle cave at the minute, so expect to hear some news soon. A big shout out to all the peeps that came and said ahoy hoy. That was amazing and totally blew Straw and Parkers minds. The dude from 1066 who was so nice, big hug to you. Jay and Chris from GB informer hugs to you… Mart, sorry we didn’t get to chat more. Jaime P awesome guy and check out Parky’s interview with him, although it did get slightly spoilt by me being a dick in the back ground. eeerrrrrrmmmmm I am sure there are others and I apologise for not naming everyone, but I really do have a shite memory! O yeah actually I just remembered Gaslands Mike, awesome guy, really engaging and hopefully there will be more from him soon.

So yeah we met loads of really awesome guys and girls. Got to look at some really nice new games to try. I also have purchased Dungeon Saga which I hope to do an Un-boxing of soon, when I get time! Which brings me onto stuff that is coming up. Although I can’t reveal it all just yet as some things are still be sorted out. From a content point of view expect to see on the blog soon:

  • A painting guide to my Morticians. Just to show how easy it can be to get stuff to a tabletop standard.
  • Dungeon Saga an un-boxing.
  • Musings from the Mortuary – a new series where I discuss my progress as a Morticians player.
  • Fermented Finking – this will be finished! I have a tournament Sunday so hopefully this will give me lots of material.
  • Thoughts on Guildball season 2. The winners and whiners


As always

Hugs and kisses xxx



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