Salute Baby, Season 2 Guildball

Pre Salute thoughts

So as of last night we have had veteran Harmony spoiled, which unsurprisingly has caused the usual divide between players. There are those who instantly think she is pants and then there are the people on the other side of the fence who think she is Totes. I am not a Masons Player (yet) so my comments are from the view point of a neutral and are more about the way we react to change and expectation within gaming. I think it is a good sign of how well the guys at Steamforge are doing with their internal balance, that they stimulate such polar responses and such passionate commentary all across the web. In my opinion currently there hasn’t been one release (except Filay) that has turned out to be ridonkulous! Sometimes we just need to step back and have a few minutes to reflect before we start running on about this and that. And in time I may even change my opinion on Filay…

All the season 2 stuff that we know of pre-salute has been an alternative and viable choice to the season 1 players. Each captain that has been released offers a very different playstyle which requires adjustment in are mentality and also in some cases team selection. But why is it that as gamers we always seem to want more? There seems to be a feeling in the gaming community that new stuff should be way better than old stuff. Is this a hangover from are days playing GW games? When there was always an inevitable power creep in each new release. Personally I don’t want that and I should imagine the same goes for the vast majority of you out there! (Although only Straw will agree with this, because I doubt anyone else reads my drivel!)

I fully appreciate that when the latest wave of season 2 captains dropped there where the neigh-sayers out there claiming that Smoke and Scalpel would never see the table because they weren’t as good as Midas and Dr Obnoxious. But this is before the models are even out yet. Get them on the table and give them a go! Let me be the first to admit that this may seem a tad hypocritical due to the fact I haven’t given Esters much love. But the other night I was brave I took the plunge, I zipped up my man suit looked over to the side-lines “Tapper old partner you sit this one out!”. I felt like a heretic at first, what was I doing, I haven’t been this experimental since the mid 90’s!! But hay you know what? It really changed my approach to the game and although I say this quietly… I liked it! It really freshened things up. So before the internet goes crazy with the negamites who think the new stuff is pants. Get it on the table and try it. I know Straw will admit (although quietly and on his own) that he actually liked Scapel, it changed how he played his Morticians and it allowed him to get beaten in a new way! J

The same goes with the season 2 veteran players let’s get them on the table and give them a chance. Even then if it doesn’t work for us that doesn’t mean it is rubbish. A great example of this is season 1 Graves. A lot of peeps out there are pretty down on him, but I have a mate I play, who really likes him and gets could work out of him regularly! There are a lot of people who love Chisel, but personally I don’t get it! I know she can do a lot of damage in one activation but she is very fragile and if she doesn’t take out her target she will get smacked back to the crazy hole she climbed out of.

So to conclude this short brain fart.. Let’s enjoy the fact that we are involved in a game system that stimulates such strong opinions. I love that you like something I don’t! I am totally fine with that (you are wrong though) it’s what makes it so enjoyable. I don’t think I have played a game that really gets my mind going as much as Guildball. Be happy that the new release isn’t an auto include. The fact it takes a bit of time to work out how to get the best out of a player is amazing. It would be dull if we could just drop them straight into are current team and never notice the difference. But most of all be bold! Try new things, be pre-pared to lose. It will inevitably make you a better player. Winning is great, but it can become formulaic and what happens when you come up against an opponent who has worked out how to deal with your plan? Enjoy diversity!! (not the stupid dance troupe thing)


As always


Love and kisses xxx


One thought on “Salute Baby, Season 2 Guildball

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I love looking at the characters and figuring out how to use them, and that’s especially satisfying when it’s not immediately obvious.


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