Into the box

Afternoon all, today I would like to take a few moments with you to delve into the box! Now if  you follow us on YouTube (if not you should be) you will know that Parker and myself recently filmed a video detailing the new Wrath of Kings box set, now you must forgive us it had been a long day and we were slightly worse for wear ( Parker especially) so I thought we would go back and this time I would put pen to paper as it were, but if you do want to here the drunken ramblings of two madmen you can find it here

So lets begin, firstly a big thank you to Jared Miller at Coolmini for getting this parcel to us!

This is a box, a box with a lid!

So once you have finished looking at the pretty artwork containing werewolves and some scary red faced dudes, its time to rip open the wrapping and get at the goodness inside.


The Battle of Ravenwood. Well that’s what the set is called and I cannot find any reference to the name in this set at all, strange!

But what you do get is a two sided sheet of rules. Now unless you know what Wrath of Kings is all about you may be a little confused, as there is little information on the world or the factions themselves (except for a brief, very brief mention) so I guess this is where the available separately hardback rulebook comes in. Now I have the book and while it is rules light, I cant help feeling that there could have been a little more of an effort made in this department.

The other sheet is a one sided tutorial scenario, now maybe its just me but I like to know why the forces are battling in Ravenwood, but does this scenario enlighten us? Put simply, no.

The enclosed scenery.

In a time where everything is 3D printed or laser cut what ever its called, I found the 2d scenery surprisingly refreshing, nicely done with rule points on them.

Little toy men

Now onto the first of the forces heading into the dark, mysterious Ravenwood (well it might be, we don’t know) are the Nasier. And this set includes, 6 Ashmen, 1 Ashmen Hakar, 1 Rathor and 1 Longhorn, all in separate bags and all need assembling. And this is what they look like if you are a skilled painter!

I have to say I really like these!

The second band or warriors to brave the big bad woods (see what I did there) are the werewolves of House Goritsi. Now I have a small force of these already and these will be adding to there number, but all you need to know is these are pretty big miniatures! And their starting force consists of, 1Shieldbreaker, 1Scourge Hound, 3Skorza and 1Skorza Alpha. And I guess you want a picture of what they look like if painted?

Don’t throw them a steak!

All that leaves are dice (D10’s) and some nifty little heart shaped wound counters and the stat cards for your forces.

In summary. I like Wrath of Kings a lot, but there are a couple of things that niggle me about this set, the lack of even the smallest background, and the one sheet rules may, as I have said leave some players confused. But then on the plus side the figures are awesome, the game is very nice and I just love the wound tokens, maybe some activation counters would have been nice but that’s me having a grumble!

If you have not tried Wrath of Kings yet I really do recommend it, and if you don’t believe me go check out some of the Battlehammers videos here

And remember if you would like to help the Battlehammer scale new heights of awesomeness, then you can wander over to our Patreon page which you will find HERE!

So till the next time, stay on the roads when travelling through Ravenwood, no one knows what lurks there, literally no one knows!

Stay hammered.

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