Guildball Season 2 Captain review

Now that all of the season 2 captains have been released for the current teams, I figured it would be a good time to bash out a series of pieces theory hammering how they will fit into their respective teams. Hopefully I will manage to get this done before SSSSAAAALLLLUUUTTTTEEEE (Hell Yeahs) when we will all be going a bit Hunters crazy!

My intention is to keep these brain farts fairly short (by my standards) and just throw out a few pros and cons as I see it and a comparison to the season 1 alternative. To help regulate the length of each piece I will be allowing myself 30 minutes of typing for each one (good job I can use more than one finger at a time Straw!).  Once the time is up I will do a bit of editing and the addition of pictures afterwards (for those who don’t like words). Un-doubtable some of the new captains seem really powerful and more impressive than the others. But if it is one thing we have learnt so far about this game… it’s that it is rigorously play tested and other than a few players that are generally considered sub-par (Katalyst, Harmony, Harry the Hammer) there is a very good level of internal balance. I know the forums have all been awash with people getting excited or irate (depending on your view point) about the four new captains since there initial spoilers dropped, but I wanted to give myself a little time to have a think on things before I added my two cents worth. Personally I believe that we are all guilty of thinking the opposition has better toys than us (unless you play Eldar… nasty space pixies), but in Guildball there is as already mentioned, a very good level of internal game balance. I put my hand up and admit that when I first saw Filay’s card I groaned… she looks nuts with her 7”/9”, TAC 8, Kick 3/6” and DEF 5, I won’t even get started on her character plays… just yet! Then my jaw nearly hit the floor when I started working out the hurt that Hammer can bring! There where definite grumbling’s in the McAwesome house… “Tapper can’t move that far”… “Tapper can’t kick that far”….grumble, grumble, sulk, sulk. Needless to say my loving and supportive wife just didn’t understand! But some time has passed and now I must zip up my man suit and face the cold hard facts of what we have.

So on with the show, enough with the introduction and onto the first Captain in the spotlight…. Smoke. I will just go through the teams in alphabetical order. I am a simple man and that is the easiest way for me.


Love and kisses x x x  Totes

P.S. just to prove that the Battlehammer isn’t all about silliness I thought I would show a picture of the notes I made prior to writing about Smoke. Let it be known said that along with being the purveyors of gaming goodness the Battlehammer is also at the forefront of cutting edge research and journalism!!


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