Kick it in the goal!

055Morning all!

Its that time again when I find myself slumped on the floor peering at the computer through eyes that would rather remain closed and think to myself well we have managed to survive another weekend! Just!

And as I whimper I remember that yesterday we worked out that we have signed ourselves up for at least six more Guild Ball tournaments! Now that ladies and gentlemen goes to prove several things, firstly the game must be awesome as I do not like leaving the safety of my home (I know where all the weapons and supplies are kept in readiness for the upcoming zombie apocalypse) and secondly the community of people is one of the friendliest you could ever wish to meet, which is really handy as I am not a fan of people either!

So yesterday was another lets play Guild Ball and drink day, which tied in nicely with a visit from one of our Patreons , friend (and now the official Battlehammer driver) Mr Jason Mountain, who brought along his brewers, that only left us to do one thing, play ball!

Aw don’t he look sweet in his Battlehammer t-shirt!


We decided to mix thing up a bit and would not use our usual teams, so first game Parker takes the fishes and I take the meat heads!


Lots of fun as neither of us know these teams! And on the far table the brewers were smashing the buggery out off them engineers!



I think Chris needs to spend a little more time focusing on the game instead of scoffing down all the pizza. Maybe that way he might not have lost 12/0


Bloody hell the seas are rough round this way, so glad we decided to magnetise everything or else everything would have ended up on the floor! Then again maybe it was the shifting table that allowed me to beat Parker! 



So next I had to play Chris, again new teams for him fishes and for me alchemists, this could be really painful!



Yes, even Frankie wanted in on the Guild Ball action, but she did spend an awful long time looking at the solitary piece of pizza that Chris had somehow missed!



Yup, this sums up how the game went for Chris, victory was mine!



Whilst on the other table Jason was resorting to some underhanded tactics against Parker!



And as in all sports, one too many pies got thrown about and it descended into a drunken brawl, which Parker lost along with the game!



What the f**ck?

With the games over, Jason winning his two, and me winning mine (next time its you and me Jason) it was time to pack the Guild Ball bits away, and get on to the serious work of more drinking, and filming something extra special for our Patreon only videos, bet you cannot guess what it was?

So if u want to see the special videos, all you have to do is head over to HERE! and for the vast expense of $1 a month you will get access to the super secret, no one should ever see videos! And every dollar will help towards better cameras, lighting and we may even be able to pay the tea boy!

So until next time, you can watch a video of the Battlehammer mascot here

Stay hammered.

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