Oh Captains My Captains! (Part 4: Smoke)

Ahoy-hoy! Phew, I’m knackered. All this talking about the new Guild Ball captains has worn me out. Good job I don’t SMOKE! Ha! Geddit. Ok, I’m not the king of the jokes. It’s Smoke, captain of the Alchemists we’re talking about next.


Cloud Jumper
Once per turn during its activation, this model may choose an ONGOING-EFFECT AOE within [4″]. This model may be PLACED anywhere within the chosen ONGOING-EFFECT AOE

Alchemy Mix – Cost ‘1’ – RNG 8″
Choose and ONGOING-EFFECT AOE that was positioned by a friendly model. Position a new [3″] ONGOING-EFFECT AOE in contact with the chosen AOE. This new AOE is a duplicate of the chosen ONGOING-EFFECT AOE. This Character Play may only be used once per turn.

Legendary Play Chemical Shower
Position two [3″] AOEs withing [8″] of this model. Models withing one or more of these AOEs immediately suffer [3] CONDITION-DAMAGE. Models entering of ending their activation in either of these ONGOING-EFFECT AOEs suffer the poison condition.

Unsurprisingly Smoke’s setup seems to be based around the condition game. Alchemy Mix nicely doubles the size of a previously laid AOE. I can see this working particularly well with Mercury to create a wall of fire on the pitch or spreading the poison effect around to let Venin make the most of it. Chemical Shower will be a nice way of finishing players off or just spreading an excessive amount of poison around. I particularly like the look of Cloud Jumper, while some might think that going into an AOE will get you a condition I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s just a point of momentum after all. If course, Smoke Bombs are AOEs too. Mist and Velocity will go nicely thank you very much. It works out to be a potential extra move of about 7″. Good enough on its own but as Smoke is placed she doesn’t have to worry about movement penalties or melee ranges. Nice.

She’s going to be trickier than Midas to use but at least I might have some influence for the rest of the team. Well, that’s it, all the latest captains have been talked about. What do you think about them. Will they be as competitive as the season 1 captains? Who are you most looking forward to? Who are you dreading playing against? Let us know what you think in the comments below and maybe we’ll talk about them again once all their cards have been released.

Until next time gentle readers.

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