Oh Captains My Captains! (Part 3: Fillet)

Ahoy-hoy! Now we’re talking. Time for a real Guild, the Butchers. I’m going to be talking about the new captain, Fillet (not bloody Fill-ay).


Pain Circle Cost 2 – Range 8″ – AOE 3″
All models hit suffer [1] DMG and the BLEED condition. Models entering or ending their activation in this ONGOING-EFFECT AOE suffer the BLEED condition. This Character Play may only be used once per turn.

Haemophilia [6″ Aura]
While within this aura enemy models do not remove the BLEED condition during the Maintenance Phase

Blood Rain – Cost ‘GBGB’ – RNG ‘P’ – Zone (Pulse 3″)
Target enemy model suffers [2] DMG. Enemy models within the pulse suffer the BLEED condition.

Legendary PlayExsanguinate [6″ Pulse]
Enemy models suffering the BLEED condition within the pulse immediately suffer BLEED damage.

Now then, Fillet seems a bit tricky to BLEED figure out. I’m not BLEED sure what her BLEED plays are BLEED designed for. What BLEED do you BLEED think. Oh, looks like it’s bleed related then. Fillet dishes out bleeds like they’re going out of fashion. Pain Circle and Blood Rain are going to be her bread and butter. Haemophilia is just going to make those work even better. Doing 3 damage in the maintenance phase and not losing bleed is going to be super fun. She’ll work especially well with Meathook and her Sanguine Pool (slows down people under conditions). Her legendary play is also bleed related (surprise surprise) and I love it. Sending Fillet in as a final activation, spreading bleed all over the place then doing 3 damage then the same in the maintenance phase, all while keeping bleed in play just in case might just finish a team off. Happy-happy-joy-joy!

All in all it seems that us Butchers will still be doing plenty of damage but in a different part of the game. We’ll be loving the maintenance phase from now on. What do you think she’ll be like? Super fun? Queen of the bleeds? A suitable trade for Ox? Let us know in the comments below. Lastly we’ll have the elusive Smoke from the Alchemists.

Until next time gentle readers.

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