Oh Captains My Captains! (Part 1: Hammer)

Ahoy-hoy! It’s been a busy week in the world of Guild Ball. First we had all the Hunter spoilers that you’ve no doubt seen all across the interwebs, now we’ve just had #spoilerday which gave us some juicy titbits on what the remaining Season 2 captains (in the pic above) regarding their plays and such. I’m going to chat a bit about them and what impact I think they’ll have on their respective teams.

85f272_7fc3f9f6fc8a4172b45190eb1062501d.jpg_srb_p_600_673_75_22_0.50_1.20_0First up we have Hammer, captain of the Masons.

Iron Fist – Cost 0 – Range 4″
Target other friendly model loses [1] influence. This model gains [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results. This Character Play may only be used once per turn.

Once per turn this model may ignore the first Push that it suffers.

Punishing March – Cost ‘0’ – RNG 4″
Target other friendly model with at least [1] Influence loses [1] Influence. This model gains [+2 ”/+2 ” ] MOV. This Character Play may only be used once per turn.

Heroic Play Hammer Time [8″ Aura]
Friendly Guild Models within this aura may use ‘Punishing March’, ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Ball Hog’ during their activations as if they were Character Plays on those model’s cards.

Well, while we lose the activation shenanigans that Honour gives us, Hammer seems to be a heavy hitter. The potential for [+1] DMG and the extra move will send him racing up the pitch and Stoic might prevent a nasty Counterattack reposition. Lets not forget a stackable [+1] DMG from Marbles’ Tooled up. Although it’ll make him very INF greedy he’ll still be able to have his own max INF as it’ll be generated from other friendly models.

That makes him seem like a one-trick pony but check out his Heroic Play. His ability to move those plays to other players could really mess up your plans. Especially if Ball Hog is a similar play (eg. Lose an INF to gain [+1/+2″] Kick). I can see him hoofing up the field with max INF getting a single momentous hit, activating his Heroic Play and ending his activation. Bear in mind that he will still have his INF that other players can now make use of. Great for getting Flint an extra little bit of move to score or helping Mallet to do even more damage.

We don’t know any more than this so far and these are just a few preliminary thoughts but let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Hammer going to be a pain? Will you miss Honour too much? Are the Masons hiding behind their shiny armour?

Scalpel of the Morticians will be next so keep your eyes peeled…or she’ll do it for you.

Until next time gentle readers.

5 thoughts on “Oh Captains My Captains! (Part 1: Hammer)

  1. Will I miss Honour? A lot. I assume Hammer is a much worse ball handler (fnar fnar) but the buff and violence package that Hammer is turning out to be is hard to ignore. Now all we need is his legendary play, playbook and stats! #showmehammer


      1. I think it will be huge. But Honour has been able to score around half the goals for me in the past. Her playbook, and dodges from quick time as well as her great KICK stat makes her a good striker as well as beater.

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      2. True. Surely Steamforged will make Hammer a viable choice. We’ll have to wait to see the rest of his card. I’m especially interested to see what Ball Hog does. C’mon SF, hurry up and give us the rest of the cards!


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