O Captains My Captains! (Part 2: Scalpel)

OK, without further ado we have Scalpel and some of her plays.


Tormented Agony – Cost ‘GB’ – RNG ‘P’
Target enemy model loses [1] Influence. Target enemy model that has not yet activated this turn within [10″] is allocated [1] Influence.

Wake the Dead – Cost ‘2’ – RNG 6″
Target friendly model gains REANIMATE.

Heroic Play – Unnatural Stamina
The next time this model uses Second Wind this turn it does so without spending Influence.

Legendary PlayVoodoo Strings [8″ Pulse]
Enemy models within this pulse immediately suffer a [3″] Push directly toward this model.

At first glance Scalpel seems to have some very Mortician-like weirdness. Being able to reallocate your opponents INF is nice and shady. Moving it from a striker to a mascot could be really nice. Even just moving one so your opponent can’t do that special play or score has got loads of potential to annoy the other player (I hope it’s not momentous). Wake the Dead will make your players much more resilient when needed. Ghast will love it. Personally I really like the Heroic Play. Getting another use of Second Wind will lead to some great positioning, especially with those big guys that the Spooks like to use. Scalpels Legendary doesn’t seem to be that good but I’m sure some people will make great use of it. I can see Scalpel moving up the field flanked by Ghast and Fangtooth using her Heroic to make sure they go at a good speed. Using her Voodoo Strings could then bring the opposing team in nice and close to be tar-pitted by the big fellas.

While I’m not a Morticians player, Straw is and I’ve no doubt Scalpel will be super annoying to play against. Of course a lot will depend on her playbook and such but what do you think so far? Annoying? Super annoying? Might as well nerf her now? Let us know in the comments below. Going to be looking at Fillet on the next one.

Until next time gentle readers.

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