Sweaty bags of round objects

Right now that I have your attention! It has occurred to me that we still have some unpublished photos from the recent visit of the Battlehamster number 1, Mr Jason Greenwood, and it would be a bit piss poor if it stayed that way, so todays blog is dedicated to him!

Well mostly, but we will just quickly mention the other big news of the week, and that is that the newest addition to the Guild Ball ranks, the Hunters, have now gone up for pre-order  and pick up at Salute. So I guess this will be our first visit there, and yes there may well be a video of the day! But the Hunters! Oh so sexy! What do you mean you have not seen them? Hold on there heretic,

Yes the captain has a dirty great bow!



I don’t know who she is, but I’m scared!

Don’t they just look awesome! Right enough gushing on with the show!

Well he made it to Thetford so that’s a start!
Ah, the joy that is Parker!
Saturday afternoon and the town is empty, Jason was that your fault?
Yes we have just seen Chris’s shirt, cant say the boy aint classy, right?
Thetfords ladies of the night, and trust me that is as good as it gets!
Now with the whole crew assembled it was time for Zombicide!
Good god what chance have these poor fools got?
And I cant even remember if they managed to survive or not! Maybe I should go watch the video, as I will be the only one who can! I don’t think it will ever see the light of the internet..
058 (2)
After Zombicide it was time for some Poo, and Jason got a little frisky with the Battlehammer Mascot!
Then he was trying his moves on Parker!
Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, the Grant/Tara/Parker love triangle was getting out of hand!
And if you become a Battlehammer Patreon, and donate at least $20, you too can shave Parkers head! Just look at Jason’s face, he’s loving it!
Jason, I think this could be a new vocation for you!

All in all a fantastic day! But that was not the end, oh no dear reader, for on the Sunday we travelled to the wilds of the Norfolk coast to participate in the Guild Ball Coastal Open, hosted by the great chaps at Wyldstorm Games in Great Yarmouth!

Look at me, out playing people in public! Cheers for the first game Andy!

Did have some more pictures, but at the moment I cannot find them! The video from the event will be going back up after a little editing.

Well I think that’s enough for now, remember if you would like to contribute to the madness that is the Battlehammer, then all you have to do is go HERE!

So until the next thrilling instalment,

Oi Mat Hart no! You have had your five minutes of fame with the Battlehammer, you want anymore then you will have to come again! The cheek!

stay hammered you crazy people!

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