New Toys!

Right you horrible lot listen up! As you know Parker and I have thrown some of  pennies into Lands of Ruin, what? You want a bloody link? Ffs! Ok its HERE

And somehow, I think its because the gods work in mysterious ways, we have been asked to review some of the miniatures! I know spooky right, so before we film our thoughts I thought I might sneak a quick article in as well. Parker covered the basics the other day, and I will let him drone on about the technical side of things, but for now miniatures!

untitled (8)

The postman delivers the hugely  awaited parcel, and with trembling hands I rip the bloody thing open to get to the goodies inside!

Firstly a nice thank you letter from the Lands of Ruin team. Aw aint that nice, then a couple more sheets of paper describing Mulcibur, yes that’s him in the above picture with his slaves which have been brainwashed and chemically lobotomized. Oh and then loaded with as much explosives as they can carry! Now is it just me or does Mr Mulcibur seem like a nasty man? I love it!

So onto the figures themselves,


firstly, slightly smaller than I was expecting, but then again size is not everything. Now the main thing I notice is that the resin is not like the sort I am used too, it is not as fragile! His spear launcher for example is not going to snap if I just touch it (like other resin figures I could mention) and it holds detail well. I just wonder how easy it will be to remove the mould lines cleanly? Guess I will find that out when I assemble them!


Onto these poor, unfortunate victims. Now again I am pretty impressed with these, the detail is good in most places, but has it been lost on the faces? My eyes are half blind at the best of times, so I am hoping that once paint gets thrown at them I will be able to make out some detail. But then again would I want them to have detailed faces? After all they are only walking bombs, detailed faces might make me not want to blow them up, so has this been done on purpose? Clever if it was.

With everything said, all I can say is I really do like these figures, and once paint has been slung on them I will treat you to some pictures! All we have to do now is wait, and as I work on this little review I hear that the game has reached its goal and has been funded! So that is awesome!

That just leaves me to say, if you have not checked out Lands of Ruin yet, go give it a look, you will not be disappointed!

So until we meet in the wastelands, keep a weapon handy,

and stay hammered!

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