Time to dig deep

Yes girls and boys its that time again, when we here at the Battlehammer shake our imaginary begging bowls in your faces and scream, GIVE US YOUR CASH!

Or to put it in a user friendly way, if you want to see more of this,

Guild Ball

or maybe you would like more of this,

Trust me we are getting there.

then again, maybe you are like me and would like more of this,


but what about,

Aw bless

no? Well you must be mad if you don’t want any more of this,

Rubbing shoulders with greatness




and you must  be insane if you rather sit in your shed knitting than watch this!


But we can promise to keep bringing you all the gaming goodness we can muster, and we promise to continue swearing and drinking! Huzzah!

All you have to do is go here and donate, simple. Give us enough cash and I even promise not to film Parker again (well not naked anyway)

So thank you for all you support so far on this perilous journey, and here is to a brighter future as long as its orange!

Stay hammered!

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