Its a mad, mad world

So what has been happening in the mad world of the Battlehammer recently you ask, well pull up a chair loyal readers, relax and let me tell you a tale of high adventure!

Ok so it might not be high adventure for you, but for us the past week has been epic! As you can imagine with Guild Ball tournaments coming thick and fast, it has been a busy time for Parker and myself attempting to get our play levels up whilst trying to do so much other stuff. Stuff that includes, play testing a new vehicle combat game in the shape of Gaslands, go here and check it out! And joining so many kickstarters I have almost lost track! But go check these, Twisted here and then we have Lands of Ruin here (we have been asked to review some of their figures!) And on the role-playing front we have pledged to 7th Sea second edition, which you will find here

Well it has been all go hasn’t it? Pardon? You want some pictures? Ok then as you asked so nicely and I’m sure you have gone to our Patreon page and donated, oh wait you want a link for that, easy, DO IT NOW!

SMTS Creative Concepts, for all your gorgeous Guild Ball scenery goodness!
Gaslands, rules that allow grown men to play with toy cars!
These are so sexy! All never guess who painted them!

Wow, those figures are really sexy, come on Straw tell us who painted them! Well readers lets just say the next picture may give it away!

What? You need more clues?
Yes, it is the co-creator of Guild Ball Mr Mat Hart!!!

Mat Hart! Yes indeed, he who is responsible for me spending all my time playing Guild Ball! How the hell did this happen? What can I say, the Battlehammer is ever growning and getting more followers and some of them happen to be important people in the gaming community! Well that and I think he took a wrong turning, or everyone he ever knew was busy!

But I will say it was one of the funniest afternoons I have ever had, Mr Hart you are a scholar and a gentlemen, and are more than welcome around again!

Such a nice bloke, he even pretended to listen to Parker!
And he even let us film a game!
He also knows a thing or too about Guild Ball
Battlehammer and  Mat Hart
And a scary dog

We participated in the Athena Games Spring Open, where, I hate to say it and will only mention this once, Parker won, moving on nothing to see here!

That will do for now, so much more to come, we have more Guild Ball, more Gaslands, more Wrath of Kings and many, many other treats, but you will not get to see us play Poo, Exploding Kittens or drunken Kerplunk unless you become a Patreon.

Remember, if you want to see the Mat Hart game/interview its here

and our Patreon page is here

until next time,

stay hammered!

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