Frostgrave:Walk with the Dead: Part 7

It seemed to me that nearly all my time in the frozen city had been spent hiding behind broken masonry, cowering as arrows and magical missiles thudded and exploded all around.

Since my masters unexpected return we had only returned to the city once, Lucius had found something that the master had been searching for. A book, old and ancient with human flesh its bindings. Many days had my master then spent in seclusion, and then one morning, as the rest of the group were beginning to stir, Lucius again returned from his nocturnal wanderings, and went straight to my masters chamber, and within minutes we were again heading into the city, Lucius at the lead, my master close behind. As for me, I was left to trudge behind the rest of the men, I felt lost, unwanted and scared.

Eventually, I don’t remember how long my mind was beginning to wander, we had stopped in a ruin that overlook a great frozen river that cut through the heart of the city. And trapped in its icy grip were the remains of several rotting ships, and on the crumbling piers, ¬†containers were scattered, I could see chests, and I could see corpses, and then near to one of the biggest ships I spotted movement. My master looked at me and with the tiniest flick of his head indicated that I was to remain here, he and the rest of the warband headed of across the creaking ice.

The battle did not last long, as usual the witch Agnes had somehow found out our plans and had sent her men out to meet ours, the frozen river turning quickly red with spilt blood.

Lucius crept forward, the he whistled to me, I looked up and understood what he wanted me to do, so summoning the power I jumped him further into the ruins, near to where several small chests were, but the moment he landed he twisted as an arrow suddenly hit him.

Across the river my master had joined the battle against the witch and her apprentice, and he was invincible! Their spells failing to harm him, where as his spells were raining devastation! Both Agnes and her apprentice were forced to retreat, and with them running, the rest of her mercenaries quickly followed.

My master had now moved to join the rest of our group by the ship where I had spied movement earlier, and now I could see that they had captured someone, he was quickly searched and something was handed to my master, whatever it was vanished into the folds of his robes. Then a knife flashed and blood sprayed from the unfortunate captives throat.

I turned away from the sight, and quickly headed over to where Lucius was groaning.



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