Frozen Balls

So readers you have come back to read a story of such heroic acts that the very gods themselves would tremble? Well you are clean out of luck! Just realised that I did not fill you in (easy) on the rest of our northern experience, so here you go!

The Sunday had dawned, we were still alive, but of our companion Jason there was still no sign, so deciding that one, if he was dead it was too late for us to do anything about it, two, if we didn’t leave now we were going to be late, and three, we just did not have a clue where to look for him. Needless to say we skipped off whistling a jaunty little tune.

It was not long before we had arrived at The Grid, and were getting down to the registering and getting our teams ready, of which two of mine had broke, Mist and that bloody bird had both snapped, and for Mist this was his second time of being repaired!

And as I was hunched over the table with super glue sticking everything together something blocked out the light, Jason! He had returned from the nightmare vale, returned from where no man has ever returned, well I say that but to this day he has no idea how he ended up back in his hotel room and laid out in the recovery position!

Just as well this picture is slightly out of focus…

So team Battlehammer was back to full strength and ready to take on all comers, well some of us were fine. And with all the tea you drink for a pound and freshly made bacon rolls attempting to soak up the alcohol from the night before, it was show time!

Now unfortunately (or not) I cannot remember details of the games, but it was all brilliant fun in a great venue with a whole bunch of great people, who on the most part I will be looking forward to playing again. The only down side is that trying to squeeze the five games in, and lunch and trying to catch up with people is bloody hard work! So a big thank you to all at the Grid for making it run smoothly!

In the end I won two of my games, Parker won three? And I think Jason won three? I am pretty sure they will tell you if I got their scores wrong. Oh and Chris? Well we don’t call him Spoony for nothing! Yes another spoon is ours!

A fantastic time was had by all, and will we be going to any more tournaments? Well lets just say we have already signed up for another three!

And I shall now leave you with some random photos from the brilliant time we had at Frozen Balls!

Really? Healthy food for my lunch? The world has gone mad!
Guess who?
Aw bless his little face.
At least we will not lose him, unfortunately.
Think the tea has kicked in.
Good old Jack Newton, he is the little one! And he is a fantastic player, just ask Parker!
Good times were had by all!
Bell ends!

Stay hammered!

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