Now you see him,

and now you don’t! What am I going on about you ask, well bare with and all will be revealed! Well dear readers what a week it has been, firstly YouTube shutting us down and then letting us back and the long awaited trip to Doncaster, its all busy, busy, busy! But as I have decided to have a couple of days recovering I thought I had better let you in on the events up north! It all started the way these things usually do, with high hopes and the best intentions, but that was to be horribly ripped away from us…. when Chris turned up! But even though he was still coming with us I put on a brave face and we headed off to collect Parker! And yes he was nearly awake and with it, so that just left the train. And once we had thrown the people out off our seats (cheeky bastards) we settled down to  two and a half hours of Chris rattling on and on and on, and no I don’t remember a word of it! Fortunately the time passed quickly (well actually if felt like two and a half hours) and we found ourselves on the approach to Doncaster, where the Battlehammers northern representative (Mr Jason Greenwood) had already arrived and was already sipping beer and waiting at the hotel for us! So with the correct paperwork to allow us into the city (Chris felt rather unhappy that his shotgun and knuckle dusters had to be left at the station before we could continue) we had arrived! And literally within half an hour we had found the hotel, met Jason, booked in, dumped stuff and had found our way back into town and supping our first (of which later turned out to many, many) beverage in the first bar we had found! Now as many of you who know me will know that I prefer an afternoon beer when out visiting strange, alien places, and the beer was indeed flowing (like Parkers ever expanding belly over his trousers) and five pubs later had found us in a rather quiet bar, called The Woolpack if I remember correctly! And the thing is what we didn’t realise is that northern beer is a damn site cheaper, than down south! Which for some strange reason translates (well in Chris and Parkers little heads) to ‘huzzah lets get the jaeger bombs in!’ Really? It was quarter past bloody five for the love of god! I would love to say that was the end of things, oh but it was not! There is video footage of Chris and his amazing camouflage skills, and even some of Jason and Chris supposedly dancing but it looked more like come twisted alien courtship thing, I still shudder! And its this point that brings us back to the title, now you see him, yes Jason was in the toilet being quite, quite ill (apparently that’s what happens when you drink several pints of Guinness followed by at least six bombs and more than a handful of expensive whiskeys) and now you don’t, because five minutes later when we went back to make sure he had not choked on his own vomit, he had gone! That is a neat trick, seeming you could not leave the pub without passing our table! So was it an alien abduction? Had he in fact had a trainspotting moment and crawled down the toilet? Has he been secretly smuggled away to Mexico (and freedom) What had happened to him? After frantically searching for him (in which thirty police dog teams from four divisions, three helicopters, four news programs and one hastily scribbled note on a toilet wall) for at least two minutes we decide to hastily move away from the crime scene and head somewhere for food and then back to the hotel, maybe tomorrows dawn would shed more light on the proceedings. Did we find him? Did he return? How did the tournament go? These questions will be answered, soon(ish)

Jason Greenwood (MIA)

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