Arise my minions!

The light from the candles flickers, the shadows in the corner of the chamber seem to deepen, the necromancer stood back from her work, marked out on the floor in fresh blood were symbols of power, symbols that man was not meant to know.

Gently she started the incantations that she had spent years learning, the words sounded inhuman, her eyes half closed, she started to levitate a few inches off the floor. Suddenly a vortex of twisting colours appeared in the centre of the chamber, her brow creased with concentration, her voice straining as she repeated the long forgotten words, a freezing wind ripped around her, she screamed and fell to her knees.

Slowly she looked up at the things that had appeared in the summoning circle, two monstrous beasts, eyes glowing with evil cunning, fanged maws that dripped acid onto the floor, “Master?” she whispered,

The first beast turned its head, noticing the necromancer for the first time, then it spoke, “He’s Straw.” he nodded to the other figure, it smiled, “And he’s Parker, ” then together they rose their voices as so the very gods could hear them, “And we are THE BATTLEHAMMER!!!”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome once again to the birth of a legend! Yes we are back! Things are starting to head in the right direction, so we have a couple of videos to get things moving!

So firstly you can go  HERE! for a new Zombicide video,

and then HERE!

Well there you, lock up your daughters, hide up your beer, we are back!

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