All good things…

..comes to those that wait! Or maybe it should read “oh bloody hell not these idiots again”

Look at it dear readers however you will, but myself and the boy wonder are back! Really? Well sort off, behind the scenes of the group that brings you your gaming goodness fixes, there has been much activity (well lots of fingers tapping on keyboards) trying to get things sorted!

And have we succeeded? Well maybe. For now we will be doing a little more on the blog, and we will be creeping some videos onto here, but we will be starting a new battlehammer video site on ZippCast, and before you ask we have no idea how it works or indeed if it will work the way we need it to, only time the tell.

So have we had any joy from all the emails we have sent to YouTube? Let me sum that up in one word, NO! Unless you call the automated response email, which by the way I don’t!

Lets get this straight, on YouTube they have a three strikes and your out thingy, well that is unless its us, then its one strike which gets mentioned in the “suspending your account” email! Which also stated they would be taking down the offending video (the one where we thank people, bad Straw) only they didn’t, they took down the lot! All that work and subscribers gone (in the way of the Hobbit movies)

Anyway we will arise again, and we will be even offensive than before so lock up your daughters, the Battlehammer is riding into town!



6 thoughts on “All good things…

  1. Glad to see you guys are back. I can stop trying to source hard drugs now I can get my battlehammer fix again. Can’t get enough of men in orange t-shirts playing games. (Hope this posts)

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  2. Life is a little more drab with you guys no longer creating fun vids. I’m really looking forward to The Battlehammer returning.
    Cheers guys and Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. Thanks fella, trust me this is not the end, for now we will fill our blog and Zippcast, but we will return to the site that shall not be named, and sooner than they think! Happy new year to you and keep the faith!


  3. OMG! I can’t believe it! I went on that scumbag place as i was sure there was bound to be some new year tomfoolery-ness on there by now and… BAM! Never seen that before in my life.


    But heed not the portents, and cow your fear! I will follow you band of wargamers wherever you may go, wandering the lands hither and thither defying the Dice Gods. We shall conquer the land of Zippcast and (when our strength is great enough) we will be able to return to the Empire of Youtube and rule the galaxy, really the internet, but actually all of time…. *enter deranged raised eyebrow*


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