It really was not me

Well dear readers by now you will have noticed that the fabulous Battlehammer YouTube page has been suspended. Is this a bad thing? Well of course it bloody is, we know you love the random singing, generally being offensive to everyone and everything (living or dead, preferably dead) and the occasional bit of gaming nonsense!

As I type this numerous  emails have been sent to the powers that be, to have this injustice lifted at once! And until this gets resolved Parker and I shall be in hiding, and that’s a cue for a video! So for your enjoyment here  you go.

Quick Parker, they will never think to look for us in the Steamforged Games HQ.

And so now you must be thinking, ok the guys are offensive and they drink and swear (a lot) but what have they done that is so bad? Well we have managed through much investigation and having to water-board Parker a few times (but that was just for my fun) we have found out that the reason we have been suspended is because of one video! And are you sitting down? The video in question was one where we say “THANK YOU” to all the people that have subscribed, and helped and supported us through our journey so far!

So in future I shall not say those words to you good people, I will simply wink and nod my head from my hiding place in Mexico!

And until we are back taking over the internet remember,


and stay hammered!

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